High Schoolers Vs. Sleep Schedules

Staff writer: Lani Yun

High Schoolers vs. Sleep Schedules

As a high schooler I can tell you from personal knowledge, that sleep is important. But the thing is, teenagers in high school aren’t getting the recommended hours of rest that they need to feel their best the next day. Now the question is, why? Well, picture this, as a teenager you have to spend hours a day doing homework in order to have good grades, and good grades are necessary to find a good college so that you don’t end up with 1) an earful from your parents or 2) living at home until you’re thirty seven. Not to mention, as a high schooler, friends are important and making sure to see them on occasion or over the weekend is something to keep in mind if you don’t want to lose them. But socializing can be hard to fit in between school work, chores, extracurricular activities, or maybe a job if you have one. Not to mention the teens that have to deal with taking care of younger siblings while parents are constantly at work. Though the thing is, many high schoolers don’t have to imagine the scenario I have just presented, because it’s their everyday reality.


high schoolers aren’t getting enough sleep

photo courtesy of creative commons

According to “sleepfoundation.org”, teenagers should be getting up to 8-10 hours of sleep a night, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for most adolescents. Due to juggling homework with personal duties, many high schoolers only get about 6 hours of sleep at most, which does not only affect their biological clocks but also the quality of their sleep. So to see if this was true for students at Woodstock high, I asked Jeremiah Boyce, a junior, about his sleep schedule. “I usually don’t get to bed until after 11, sometimes even 12. It really just depends on how much work I have from the school day and any work I have to do around the house.” Though that seems to be the common routine for any high school student, and it’s not only effecting how we manage our day or how much energy we have, but also our grades.

So here’s the topic that’s so controversial. Should high school students be granted a study hall period for napping, catching up on school work, exercising outside, etc.? Now, if you were to ask a teenager personally, the immediate answer would probably be a yes. But in the eyes of staff and administration, the idea might not be as appealing. For a free period could condone a lot of mischief such as skipping class, interrupting studies, and some other topics that I won’t get into. Quoting Samantha DeMatos, a sophomore at Woodstock high school, she thinks study hall periods would be a great idea for student athletes, those taking honors/AP classes, or any student who is just overwhelmed with work. Not to mention that if you didn’t have access to resources needed for work, you would be able to use the ones at school for a longer period. And quite frankly, I can’t disagree with her, because it’s true that most teenagers don’t have the ability to access the internet or find certain documents from their home.


large work loads and bad sleep is stressing students out

photo courtesy of creative commons

All in all, I think study hall could be really great for stressed out high schoolers and even teachers that need a break throughout the school day. Students deserve a break every now and then, and if the only place they can catch one is at school, then maybe the student body would be more jubilant about going every day.

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