NBA All-Star Snubs 

Staff Writer: Shane Zachos 

East Starters- Kyrie Irving (PG), Jimmy Butler (SG), Giannis Antetokounumpo (F), LeBron James (F), DeMar DeRozen (SG) 

West Starters- Stephen Curry (PG), Kawhi Lenord (F), James Harden (SG), Kevin Durant (F), Anthony Davis (F)  

This years east bench Consists of  Paul George, Kevin Love, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Paul Milsap, Kemba Walker, Isaiah Thomas. The West bench includes DeMarcus Cousins, Marc Gosal, Draymond Green, Gordon Hayward, DeAndre Jordan, Klay Thompson, and finally  Russel Westbrook.  

Honestly I was not totally impressed with years roster. There were many players that were left out and many that people think should be starting. There are about 3 or 4 from each Conference (East & West) that we will analyze and discuss on why they could possibly be representing their team on this All-Star roster. Let’s get started with the snubs from the East.  

  1. Joel Embid– Joel is playing in his first NBA career season, due to injuries he could not  play he true rookie season. He and the 76er’s have had a much improved season this year compared to last years awful play. Joel is averaging over 20 points and 7 rebounds per game. Now this is been a great year for Joel but there are reasons to believe that Joel did not “make the cut” because of his turnover troubles. He is averaging almost four per game. Then again, he is a very young product and he will improve on that. #trusttheprocess 

  1. Carmelo Anthony- It will be a very unusual sighting not seeing Melo in this years All-Star game. Anthony’s team, The Knicks, have had a jokelike season this year and New York is not happy. However, this is no reason not to have Carmelo in this years game. Melo is not only averaging 23 PPG and 6 boards but he has also been to nine All-Star. The only reason I think Melo is not in the game this year is because the lack of his teams success.  

  1. Bradley Beal- Many people are misjudging Beal’s ability to score. Beal all season has been taking passes from his All-Star teammate John Wall and scoring with will. With Bradley’s help the Wizards have improved to be a contender for 2/3 spots in the east. He is putting up almost 23 points per outing. This is a career high for him.  

 little-shane-journalism Bradley Beal dribbles up the court, looking for an open teammate. Photo Courtesy 

Conclusion for East- Honestly, most of the picks for this years All-Star lineup was accurate. Besides Joel, I think the picks were perfect.I asked Ramon Elortondo if he thought they go the right guys for the job and he replied  “no doubt, they will still catch an L though. Although there are a lack of “bigs” for the East and that may be a problem in the game but no one really tries in the All-Star game let’s be honest.  

West Snubs  

  1. Damian Lillard– It almost seems like every year Lillard comes up just a tad short in the All-Star roster voting. He tells many he uses it as motivation but it has to take it toll on him. When you are putting up 26 points, 5.8 Assists and nearly 5 rebounds a game you have to be a tad disappointed. Many, including myself, think Lillard should have made the squad not only this year but also last. Damian is possibly the biggest snub we have this year.  

little-shane-journalism-lillard-pic  Lillard suits up for a big game against the Utah Jazz. Photo Courtesy

  1. Rudy Gobert– Rudy, with the exception of some others on the team, has led the Jazz to a very promising year and a hopeful playoff spot. Rudy is going above his usual averages, putting up 12 points and 12 boards per game. He is literally averaging a double-double which is very impressive, especially for someone so young that has a big role to play for his team. Then again he still has a long time to develop more in his game.  

  1. Karl-Anthony Towns-  KAT! This one actually blows my mind. Towns is the future of this league and is averaging 23 points and 11 rebound and not to mention his 3 assists he gets per outing. He iss another young and talented player that has grown to be a huge threat to many of the leagues other big man with  how he has improved his game.  

Honorable Mention- Russel Westbrook, possibly is the biggest snub. He is a top 2 player this year and is not starting. When I asked a Russel fan, Corey Darko, about the situation he simple told me that “its stupid, It’s probably due to the ignorant Westbrook haters.” Clearly many people aren’t happy about the situation but it is what it is.  

Conclusion for West- It is a very easy to wrap your head around the concept that the West has a lot more talented  players than the East and it has been this way for a while. That is the main reason for why there are many more subs in the West I just mentioned a few that are clear to see. No doubt in my mind that most of these snub players in the west will find theere success soon.  


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