Poetry Out Loud

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

Poetry Out Loud has been around for many years. Multiple schools do the event and many students attend and achieve it each and every year. Poetry Out Loud is where you present a poem that is important to you and connects with you in some way and share it among your fellow peers and a few judges We held in here at Woodstock High School in our library on February 2nd 2017, it was very successful and was organized and held by the assistant librarian.

I asked her a few questions on why or how she prepared Poetry Out Loud. “The state coordinator for Poetry Out Loud actually contacted Woodstock High School to see if we wanted to have a competition this year, poetry is a great way for students to express how they feel to others through a message” she said. “Poetry is a great for students to write down their feelings on a piece of paper with no rules so the more we can bring attention to it the better!”

We discussed if she did this when she was in High School and she replied with “no there was no Poetry Out Loud when I was in High School, In fact she does not remember if there were any kind of poetry related competitions while she was in High School.

Since it was so successful this year she does want to continue Poetry Out Loud in the future since we did have seven contestants and one winner and one runner up. The winners name was Josh and the runner up’s name was Dionna. Since Josh won he did continue on to compete against other High Schools who participated in this as well. Dionna was also allowed to go if Josh for was able not make it, She hopes if she continues this every year more people will come to Poetry Out Loud and compete and she hopes it will eventually turn into a bigger event that draws attention to everybody around the school.

Poetry Out Loud is held around the same time in the media center every school year, if you want to step out of your comfort zone to try and present Poetry Out Loud you can win cash prizes and you can even win scholar ships to college for poetry. So come on and compete in Poetry Out Loud!


Picture Credit- Library

Winner and Runner-up (left) Dionna, (right) Josh



Picture credits- library

All the Poetry Out Loud contestants


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