The Legacy of the Class of 2017

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

The class of 2017 has been one of the best ones yet. Yes, many of the past senior classes have said that before, but in reality 2017 is actually one of the most intelligent and athletic classes.

This year, we had the highest ACT and SAT scores that we have had in years. Our class has worked so hard to get into Top schools in Georgia and they have got into them very easily.

Ansley Meek said” Many of my friends and I got into University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.” Both of those are very hard to get into and more seniors have been accepted into there than most in the past years.

This year there has been more senior commits at National Sighing day than the most ever. “Senior Athletes at Woodstock high school work harder than any other senior class ever have.”, Said Kyle Long. The seniors work hard for everything they do and exceed everything that is asked of them.

Yes, seniors every year get to the point where they just give up and don’t want to do any of their work anymore. Well, this years seniors are fighting through the term “senioritis” and pushing through harder than ever. If its to graduate, get Hope scholarship, or even trying to get the last A’s for the Zell Miller scholarship.

Seniors are also so involved with school events like football games, drama club, and also chorus. They are all super close as friends and always try to make the school a better place.

They love going out with our friends and there are no cliques at Woodstock, which is really hard to find in most schools. Friends mean a lot senior year, because soon enough we will all be gone and away at college.

The teachers and administrators are very proud of the class of 2017. Not many schools can say that about their students.woodstock-high-school-ga-tech-2-17-2015

Taken by: Mark Smith


Celebrating at football games!

Taken by: Tonya Sebrin

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