Why Westbrook Is The MVP

Staff Writer: Corey Darko

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Russell_Westbrook.jpg Credit:  Photo Courteously of Creative Commons

This year’s MVP race is arguably one of the best races the Nba has ever seen. People like Kawhi Leonard, John wall and Isiah Thomas are quietly making their case for MVP and Lebron James is in the MVP discussion every year. However, the MVP race is clearly between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Both players are posting historically good number as James harden is averaging over 28 points and 11 assist and Westbrook is averaging a triple double. Despite harden having a great season, Westbrook is clearly the MVP for multiple reasons.


Weather people want to admit it or not, you always having put up great numbers to have a chance at winning MVP. WHS Sophomore Hunter Leonard has stated” Westbrook is the first person to average a triple double since Roberson and Oscar had way more possessions to accomplish that” For example, Steph Curry averaged over 30 and 6 last year and Kevin Durant averaged 32 points 8 rebounds and 5 assist his MVP year. Westbrook’s numbers however are clearly better than both. Despite having a historically high usage rate and more turnovers, lower field goal percentage, and lower free throw percentage, Westbrook makes up for it with his all-around game. His rebounds and assist totals are higher than Curry’s and Durant and despite harden averaging more assist, he’s surrendering more turnovers and has less rebounds and points  than Westbrook.

Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/5527907901 Photo courteously of creative commons



Westbrook is easily the most valuable on his team than any other candidate. A WHS Sophomore named Bailey Rende stated ” Without Westbrook, this team would be fighting for the lottery, Westbrook has this team in position to clinch the playoffs.” Without him on the floor, the thunder get outscored by over an astonishing 17 points. However, with him on the court, they outscore opponents by 5.99 points. Not to mention he is the only MVP candidate that leads his team in points, rebounds, and assist. Westbrook does get a lot of heat for horrible shot selection and turnovers, but when you’re on a team with less talent it’s understandable why Westbrook’s turnovers are so high and field goal percentage is low.


Surprisingly this might be the most important element of every MVP. Every Winner has a good story. Lat year, Curry, was recognized for absolutely changing the game and Durant was recognized for his amazing play without Westbrook for most of that season. What I’m trying to say is despite his best teammate abandoning him to play for the team that beat them, Westbrook shocked the whole world and signed an extension with OKC and has helped kept them afloat while putting up historical numbers.

Conclusion: Based, on Stats, Team Value, and Backstory, Westbrook is clearly the MVP of this season despite other candidates posting historical numbers.



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