Wings Bound Chapter One

Story by: Kylee Jones

(Author’s Note:

A chapter of this story will be uploaded twice a month, and will be ongoing until the story is complete. Any suggestions on where to take this story is greatly appreciated!)

I stared ahead to ignore the people behind me. Laughs could be heard from behind as I focused on taking notes from the board. A sharp pain in the back of my head forced me to turn around. I glared at the people sitting behind me.

“What do you want?!” I grumbled.

“Heh heh.” The people just giggled.

I took a deep breath and turned back around, focusing again on the notes. “Just leave me alone.” I muttered. All was quiet for a moment until…

“Hey Hannah.”

I spun around and glared at the one who had spoken. “What do you want, Alex?”

“Wanna go out with me?” He asked confidently. My hand immediately flew out and slapped him in the face.

“Speak to me again about dating and I will personally make your life hell.” I said, turning and again trying to write my notes.

“She’s in to me.” Alex said to his friends. I growled and shook my head.

“In your dreams.” I thought to myself.


I set my backpack down, finally home. “God, its good to be back.” I sighed. “I’m so tired of those kids…”

“You gotta stand up to them.” My brother, Marshal said.

“I slapped Alex in the face today when he asked me out. They still don’t leave me alone.”

Marshal sighed. “I can deal with them if you want me to.”

“No… I don’t want you getting involved. If you do, they’ll think that I can’t defend myself.”

Marshal shrugged. “Alright, whatever. I’m going upstairs to do my homework.”

“Kay, see ya.” I said, opening my backpack and pulling out my phone. I had a message from my friend Ella.

E: Hey Hannah, sleepover tonight?

H: Sure, what time?

E: How about 6?

H: Sounds good! See ya soon!

I went up to my room and packed up a few things for the sleepover. My laptop, phone charger, pajamas and an outfit for tomorrow. I heard the door open downstairs and peaked out the door. My mom had just arrived home.

“Hey mom, can you drive me to Ella’s at six?”

“Sure.” My mom said. “Hey, come here.”

“Okay.” I walked down the stairs, grabbing a few bags from my mom and helping her carry them to the table. “What’s up?”

“Your dad told me that you got a new app on your phone.” She started.

“Yeah… what about it?” I asked.

“And you’ve been talking to strangers on it.”

I froze. “Uh… Well, I’m in a help group for people to come to if they need something.”

“Hannah, you’re helping people with their problems online? You have problems in real life that you need to deal with!” My mom exclaimed.

“Mom, I’m fine! I don’t have any ‘problems’ that I can’t deal with.”

“Hannah. You are going to delete that app and fix your problems. You’re failing math, for god’s sake!”

“What! Mom, you can’t make me delete it! I have friends on there!” I yelled, tears starting to glisten in my eyes.

“Online friends aren’t real friends, Hannah. Half the people there are probably creepy stalkers waiting to kidnap you!”

“Not every person online is a creepy stalker, mom! Those people are my real friends!”

My mom whipped her hand forward, swiping my phone from my hand and typing in the password. “If you won’t do it, I will.” She deleted the app off my phone and handed it back to me. “I’ll be tracking your phone activity from now on. If you ever get that app again, I’ll know.”

I grabbed my phone from her hand and glared at her. “MOM! Those people were my friends! You can’t do this!”

“Hannah, I’m trying to keep you safe. Those people online can and will hurt you if given the chance.”

“Shut up!” I screamed. “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” I turned and raced upstairs in to my room, slamming the door. All of those friends I had… gone.

I sighed, tears streaming down my face.

“I wish I could just fly away from all of this…”

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