Food Fight

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

The best part of attending Woodstock High School is the fact that on the way to and from school you are bombarded with options of eateries which to attend, this will be the basis of my article on this fine half of the month.

Arguably, the best and most renowned dining establishment of all time, McDonald’s, is available to any Wolverine on the way to school. Whether you want to have a breakfast sandwich with syrup in the bun, two hash browns for one dollar or maybe just a coffee, McDonald’s is always the best option for any situation. It is worth noting that on the way home it serves endless lunch options for any peckish Wolverine, Shane Zachos says, “A Big Mac literally always sounds amazing.”


Big Mac


Starbuck’s is also closely available to Woodstock and a very popular option for those wanting an incredibly overpriced coffee. I personally would not rate Starbuck’s that highly due to the fact that they mainly only serve liquids, and I prefer to eat something along with my morning coffees. However, it is very popular because its coffee variations are admittedly absolutely exceptional.

Chick-Fil-A is definitely the star of the show in Towne Lake’s breakfast market having a near monopoly due to the how much more popular it is than basically the rest of the competition. Specializing has worked marvelously for CFA in the sense that they pretty much exclusively sell some slices of bread with a chicken breast in it and it garners them some gnarly profit. CFA’s high degree of business is made evident upon trying to cross past it in the morning, a truly daunting task.

Wild card round: Hardee’s it exists and serves huge portion foods, Parker Rowlenson swearing by the Monster Biscuit of Hardees. It is a massive biscuit stuffed with breakfast meats, eggs and cheese. Impossible to consume without a drink due to the insane dryness that biscuits naturally carry.


Monster Boy

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