Immigrants Now Have Another Thing to be Worried About: Scammers

Staff Writer: Heather Abler
Upon Trump’s election, many immigrants were scared at the thought of possible deportation, rather it be himself or herself or a loved one. Now, along with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), immigrants have another threat. People all across the USA are pretending to be ICE agents and demanding money or possessions from immigrants, saying if they don’t comply, they will be deported. In Queens, four men showed up to an immigrant’s home, posing as agents. Soon after, they demanded him to hand over all of his cash, in which he gave them $250.

As if harassing people at their doorstep wasn’t enough, the posers are now also scaring immigrants via text and phone calls. Also, some scammers are putting on nice suits pretending to be lawyers, and then trick the immigrants into giving them money. After, they are never heard from again.

The real question that gets people talking is: Is ICE right for showing up at people’s homes and deporting people? Many people say yes, that it is reasonably justifiable that if you want to get into the United States, you need to come in legally. However, others believe that ICE should only target illegals that have broken the law, and are harmful to society. We must ask ourselves though: Is it really harmful to continually allow undocumented people to start a life in our country, when there are real people trying to get in legally who have to wait for what feels like centuries?


Photo of ICE Police Agent. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

ICE, no doubt, has changed their priorities following President Obama’s leave. When Obama was in office, ICE was told to focus on “gang members or other violent, serious criminals.” Now, all illegal or “undocumented” immigrants are being looked into. Some may say that at least Trump has kept his campaign promises.


Poster Used by Immigration Rights Activist. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

All the new information about ICE really does scare some people, especially on how fast things have changed since last year. To get a more localized voice on what people think about the ICE agents, I asked two students from Woodstock High School, Megan Neeley, junior, and Emily Krausman, sophomore, their views on ICE agents and deportation of illegal immigrants. Megan said, “I think that they shouldn’t be able to because immigrants are good for America in some ways. In addition, America is known as the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and we all descended from immigrants who fled persecution in their homeland. I don’t see how we think that just because we are citizens we think that we are any better than these people just because they come from a different part of the world.” Emily said, “I think that if they aren’t doing anything to harm anyone then I think they should stay and that the immigration officers shouldn’t be deporting them.”


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