Should We Interfere?

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

For decades, America has been hands first involved in foreign affairs, either in  the Vietnam War or the war in Iraq. So is this a bad thing or something we need to worry about? It depends, for our future’s sake; it would seem wise to stay out of any major wars that could negatively influence our economy or our integrity. However, at the same time, the average person cannot look into the future and tell what it will reap. Meaning, that if we do not absolutely need to interfere then we should not.images (1) (1).jpg(American Flag)(Photo from Emily Hailstone)

On the contrary, entering a War can also reap great benefits. Whether it be influence or physical resources, it could potentially help us. However, is the risk worth it? If we compare our wins to our losses, in terms of profits to life’s lost, it is very clear that America cannot afford another war like World War Two. This is true for several reasons, the first being the advance in technology from that era to this one, meaning that the next word war will most likely not be fought with boots on the ground, rather nuclear weapons. This relates back to the old saying, “World war three will be fought with nukes, and world war four will be fought with sticks.”


(American Flag)(Photo from Emily Hailstone)

Even from the founding of this country the founding fathers insisted that we stay out of foreign affairs, for even they understood, in time, that it would eventually lead to our downfall. A junior at Woodstock High School said, “I don’t think we should go to war for the sake of this country.”

So what are the effects of war in America? Let’s look at the past to help guide what it would look like. It would cause the most horrendous thing in American history, Rationing. Just the shear mention of this word would cause national hysteria and panic. Additionally, assuming it’s a war the size of World War Two, the draft would have to be reenacted. Meaning, that there would be people attempting to dodge the draft left and right. With this being said, there will be people who would be alright with both of these things, but the vast majority would not.

untitled.png(American soldier)(Photo from Creative commons)

In summary, it would be wise for the United States, a global superpower, to stay neutral unless directly attacked. In that case, I would express sympathy for any attacker who would be crazy enough to attack the United States. A freshman at Woodstock High School stated, “Honestly, we are too big to mess with. Let them try.”


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