A Day Without Friends, Families, and Colleagues

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh


On Thursday, February 16th, students, teachers, and workers were absent from their everyday lives. Many immigrants around the United States decided to skip school and work. Why you ask? They did this in order to show Trump how life would be like without them.


Over 42.4 million immigrants were counted to be part of the United State’s population in 2013. That was four whole years ago. Many people have come to the United States since then. People leave their home to come to the United States for better education, jobs, and just an overall lifestyle. None of them would expect for the President of the United States to want to kick them out.


In order to show our President how much they affect the economy of the United States, immigrants from all over the united states planned to stay home or join protests that day. Many businesses were shut down due to either protesting or lack of workers. Even restaurant owners shut down their businesses in Atlanta to protest along with their fellow friends and family.


Many students stayed home from school. Here in Georgia, many schools in Gwinnett county were affected by the mass student absences. Teachers and staff workers tried to stop parents from keeping their kids from school, but they couldn’t stop them.


One-third of Gwinnett’s schools had over ten percent of students absent. Many of these schools are high schools, so the numbers are not too high. Due to the abundance of make up work planned for their return, many students decided to go to school. Many kids in Elementary school were able to stay home though. Half of Rockbridge elementary school was absent.


Thirty four percent of Gwinnett’s students skipped, and many other county’s around the United States skipped. While talking to students in Woodstock, they all talked about how some skipped, and some wish they did, but couldn’t due to school work.


“I saw some tables empty at lunch on Thursday. It’s crazy how many people who attend this school are affected by Trump’s new statements.” Says a freshman, Laney Broussard.

“I only found out that morning that people were planning this. If I would have known sooner, then I would have stayed home and joined them” Says a freshman at Woodstock High School.

“I feel that this movement was very important to everyone. It showed people how hard things would be and how aware of everyone around us we have to be. Every life here in the United States should matter.” Says a freshman, Jeanne Yoon, from Sprayberry


Although we don’t see how much our economy and population are affected by these amazing people, they are everywhere helping out with everything. From being doctors, to lawyers, to cooks, to teachers, immigrants part take in our everyday lives. The day without our friends and family will always be a great movement, which even involved a march at the White House.


Sí se puede. Yes we can.

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons


Protest on 2.16.17

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

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