Boys Notebook Journal

  1. Boys Sports Notebook
  2. Staff Writers: Shane Zachos and Corey Darko
  3. Lead Story: As of press time, the boys tennis team is currently undefeated. Beating the Creekview Grizzlies and the Kell Longhorns, two very decent teams. However Ramon Elortondo, said that those dubs were slight work for the Wolverines. This years varsity lost 8 valuable seniors. Although they do have 2 returning seniors that have a huge impact on the team this year. These two seniors are Andy Salame and Jackson Wood. Wood has many offers for the sport including Samford, Kennesaw State, Auburn. Incredibly only lost 3 out of 20 matches in last years elite eight run. Many returning players including Ramon, tell me that they should have made the final 4 last year and they are seeking revenge this year and are determined to make a big run in this years playoffs. Head Coach Josh Smerker, tells Corey Darko that Jackson Wood is one of the best players he has ever seen and he is definitely one of the most fierce competitor in the country. There is a lot of motivation in this years team to go into matches with but what does the team need more of now than ever? After asking the returning sophomore this question he responded with one word… experience. Their next match is Thursday, March 2nd against Roswell. This is a home game so come show your fellow Woodstock Wolverines some support against the Hornets.



4. Stats: Jared Mquarter is  currently leading the soccer team with 5  goals. Also the Tennis team, with the help of star player Jackson Wood, are on the verge of making the playoffs for three straight years. The lacrosse team has started the season only  0-3, however they look to bounce back with the help of their leading scorers Bo Henson and Corey Long. The soccer team has started out the season 2-0 and look to continue their undefeated season with a win against river ridge.



5.Wolverine Of The Month:  This months WOTM is Ramon Elortondo. He is a very talented and hardworking tennis player. He is a very valuable asset for our men’s tennis team. He is only a sophomore but he knows how to deal with the pressure being a relatively young athlete on a Varsity squad. He has been playing with the older guys since he was just a Freshmen. He tells me that he has a special love for this sport. Ramon also told me that when you win in the sport you don’t just beat your opponent you outwork him on a new level. Elortondo started playing tennis in 4th grade and has been growing with the sport ever since.



6.Ramon is focused and ready to win his match. Photo Courtesy: Corey Darko

7.Ramon getting some tips from his team mates for his match that is about to get underway. Photo Courtesy: Corey Darko

8. Off the Field: There is a lot of excitement about this years tennis team.  According to the coach he stated “We believe we have a good chance to win our region this year.” Coach also spoke very highly of his best player Jackson Wood as he also stated ” Jackson Wood is probably one of the best players in  the country.”  That is huge praise especially coming from your coach. Also, when I asked the coach if  he believes the Tennis team can make the playoffs for a third straight year, he stated ” I believe it is a possible goal to have.”. Finally, I asked the coach if he believes the team can make it even farther in the  playoffs than last year and he realistically stated ” I don’t know if we can go as far last year, but I believe it’s possible we can maybe get to the final four.”

9. Quotable: When asking Freshmen Charley Snyder on how the lax team is going this year he responded with “I think we are off to a slow start, but we will pick it up soon.” I then asked him about how he liked the new head coach of the lacrosse team, Russ Armistead, Snyder said he loved him and his great  leadership he brings to this years team. Charley says that “we definitely have a shot at winning their region this year.”

10.Looking Forward: Track season has just now started and the Wolverines are not holding back from getting off to a great start. Next match is March 1st at River Ridge High School. The lax team may be off to a slow start but they have a great chance at winning more games during the month of march. Including a home game against Roswell at 7:30 on the 17th of March. The Baseball team just finished doing great all the way down in Savannah for a tourney, where they finished undefeated, and now it’s time for them to beat up on the guys across the street. Woodstock V.S. Etowah on Wednesday and Friday.

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