I Got Them Bluey Blue Blues

Section Editor: Alex Brodofsky


Sal-u-tations my friends, come on back down here, and take a seat next to your good old


Jimi Hendrix on his guitar ready to slash his way through a concert of screaming fans

friend Alex. Man I sure do love that jazz stuff, don’t you? Of course you do. But, I’m gonna take this thing down a notch and talk about them darn blues. You ever been upset and someone asked “Dang man, why so blue?” Then you know what the basic feel is, the heartbeat of the style. Next, you find out what you’re sad about. Could be a dog that died, could be a girl that done you dirty, could be that your pockets ain’t fat enough for you. Whatever that does it, it’s still a way for you to express your feelings without having to throw some happy, upbeat song base to try and hide it. That’s the beauty of this music style.


This list is rather short this time, however, it is still completely helpful. Enjoy the musical stylings of these amazing artists. Even though some of them have been dead for a century,


Lead Belly posing with an accordion, ready to drop some blues for all to hear

their music still lives on to today


B.B. King

Muddy Waters

Robert Johnson

John Lee Hooker

Eric Clapton

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Son House

Albert King

Freddie King

Lead Belly

Bessie Smith

Little Walter

Elmore James

Charley Patton

Lightin’ Hopkins

Howlin’ Wolf

Sonny Boy Williamson, Jr

T-Bone Walker

Big Bill Broonzy

Albert Collins

And surprisingly,

Jimi Hendrix

Yeah, that caught me off guard, too.


Moreover, other people have things to say as well:

“Everyone can relate, everyone is a different shade of blue” – Media Center Specialists Patty Olton and Jennifer Cogdill


“Bules is really a pillar of American music. It was the first style that was truly unique to us and helped establish the artists of our country as some of the elite in the world. It has an instantly recognizable quality and style that has helped establish modern music today.


The ablub cover of Lightnin’ Hpokins’m album Country Blues

Although some may not like it directly, its effect on the music industry has certainly affected the pop industry far and wide.” – WHS Senior Jake Eastridge


“When I feel blue, I put on the blues and listen until there is nothing left inside, then I play some happy music to fill the void, so it doesn’t feel so empty.” – Nonexistent being Samuel Monchelo


Now, I may leave for a while, but don’t take this as good-bye, take it more of a see you later. Maybe in a few weeks, maybe next month, maybe next life. Whoever you may be, I hope you enjoy the good music of these wonderful and innovative artists.

All pictures derived from Creative Commons

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