Trump vs North Korea

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

North Korea, according to CNN News he may be forced to operate within the narrow constraints of his predecessors. When Obama was in the oval office he chose the best way of dealing with Korea’s government was with a policy called “strategic patience”. In other words this means strengthening sanctions and waiting for North Korea to make a choice itself that stopping its nuclear program would be very thoughtful for the future.

On some of Donald Trump’s tweets it reads that he tweeted out saying that Korea developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching and attacking the U.S will not happen in. In my personal opinion I believe that if North Korea tries hard and works hard enough as a country they can reach any part of this country and destroy it with their nuclear missiles, they may also attack any part of the U.S as well.

The country has not had a nuclear test since Donald Trump has been in office having to have four tests whilst Obama was the president of the United States. Donald Trump has made a great deal of noise since being in the oval office according to CNN News .

North Korea has kept their pallet clean and nice and has not said anything bad Donald Trump or about Donald Trumps choices. Although Korea can be a crazy and a irrational state they are waiting and they are going to see what happens in Washington first. It is doubtful that Trump will be able to talk some sense into North Korea and it is unlikely that he will make a breakthrough with them.

With Korea taking such a soft and cautious approach it seems like with the new administration “Strategic patience” This might bring more success towards trump than it did Obama whilst he was in oval office according to CNN News.

If Korea takes a more harsh and abrupt approach it could end in a big catastrophe. If North Korea lashes out and burns down into radioactive flames Trump would be in a situation that would be more than slightly “interrupting more than a golf party”- CNN News


some of Donald Trumps many tweets

Picture Credits: Creative Commons

Donald Trump during one of his speeches
Picture Credits: Creative Commons

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