Wings Bound Chapter 2

When I woke up the next morning, my pajamas felt tight against my skin. I sat up and stretched, causing them to pull even tighter. Grumbling angrily, I went to my closet and grabbed a simple outfit, a blue t-shirt and jeans, and began to change. I felt something stuck to my back and reached around, grabbing it and giving a good hard yank. Pain shot up my back and I pulled my hand back to see…

“A feather?”

I looked behind me and saw two large white things on my back. Reaching around, I again tugged on them, gentler this time. “What the…”

I heard a knock on my door, startling me and drawing my attention away from the while masses. “Hannah?” My mom’s voice called in. “You up?”

“Oh! Uh, yeah I’m awake. Getting dressed now.” I said quickly.

“Alright, hurry up.” My mom said. As her footsteps faded down the stairs, I again glanced back to see that the things on my back had spread apart and, getting a closer look at them, I finally figured out what they were.

“Wings? I… I have wings?” I murmured. “What the heck?”

I quickly changed clothes, but the wings wouldn’t be concealed by a shirt. They were just too large. “Hmm…” I glanced over and saw my backpack on the floor and got an idea. Grabbing a pocked knife off of my dresser, I emptied my backpack and cut two slits in to the back. I then cut two slits in the back of my shirt and slipped it on, slipping the wings through both of the cuts. They fit awkwardly and uncomfortably inside the backpack, but at least they were hidden. I sighed and began grabbing my books and binder, getting a smaller bag that I could carry them in and placing them inside. I checked my watch to see the time and nearly gasped when I saw what it was.

“7:08! I’m gonna miss the bus!” Grabbing my stuff, I charged out the door. “Gotta go, mom! I’ll eat at school!”

My mom didn’t even finish saying goodbye before i was out the door, charging down the street to reach the bus stop. I saw the headlights of the bus as it approached, and barely made it in time to get on. I sat down on the first seat, breathing heavily as the bus began to move down the street again. I got out my phone from my bag and quickly texted some of my close friends, Kaylee and Ethan.

H: Guys. I have a major problem that you’re not gonna believe.

K: Same here. Something’s up.

E: Me too.

H: Okaaaay… Kaylee first?

K: Uh… Well this sounds crazy, but I have wings?

I nearly gasped out loud. Kaylee had them too?

E: Wait what?? I do too!

H: Same here! Did… Did we all suddenly get them?

K: Maybe? Hold on… What exactly caused this?

I thought for a moment before I realized something.

H: Last night. I got in a fight with my mom and after I went to my room, I said to myself that I wished I could fly away from my problems. Maybe something happened with that?

E: Uh… something similar happened to me. I got in a fight with my dad and said the same thing.

K: And my mom and dad fought each other! I tried to stop it and they both yelled at me, and I said the same thing! Dude, what kind of crazy movie stuff is this?

H: I don’t know, but we gotta figure it out. I cut two holes in my backpack and put my wings through there, so they’re hidden, but it’s really uncomfortable.

K: I’m just wearing a really big sweater. It doesn’t work very well, but at least its better than nothing.

E: Okay, should we meet at the benches next to the school before class?

H: Yeah, sounds good.

K: Sure thing.

E: Okay, I’ll see you guys soon then.

I leaned my head back and stared out the window, plugging headphones in and hitting shuffle on my music. A song I liked, Holding On To You, came on. I sighed as the music played, mulling over the recent development. The situation begun to sink in. I couldn’t hide the wings forever, someone would find out eventually. How had something like this even happened? Magic? God? The universe playing some kind of joke? I had absolutely no idea. But I knew one thing for sure. Kaylee, Ethan and I somehow had wings. And this only meant one thing.


We were totally gonna fly.

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