Woodstock Hit a Home Run with Bre Roper

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

Athletics are always greatly celebrated in high schools. With so many different sports and an abundance of students to play them, sticking out from the rest takes a bit more than just being able to make the team. Bre Roper plays varsity softball for Woodstock high school, and she is one of the few who have caused chatter about her amazing talents in the sport she does. She has brought her team to regionals all four years of her high school career, such an outstanding statement to add to her resume. “Being able to go to regionals was great, I was very proud of myself and it was such an amazing accomplishment.”

Apart from regionals, she made 2nd all state team, which is a collection of students with a remarkable gift for this tough sport get together to play higher level teams, which is such a phenomenal career marker for any athlete. Also, she was a part of the junior softball team, and the senior softball team. These two teams are strictly for that grade level, so eleventh graders on one team, and the seniors on the other. On top of all of this, she was honored enormously to be able to make the 2017 National PGF team. This is such an unmissable opportunity because this is a national team of ladies who get chosen, then coaches hand pick and nominate the ones they believe have the most potential and talent so they can succeed on the national team. “I love softball so much and it helps with stamina and it has certainly helped with my future. I will be attending Georgia Tech on a softball scholarship!”

Bre is also a track star, lettering since her freshman year on track, and, needless to say, softball. On top of all of this, Bre has been an honor roll student for all of her high school career, earning her a lamp of knowledge to appreciate her academics. Bre is definitely an amazing wolverine to represent our school, and although we will miss her next year after she graduates this year, she did amazing throughout every second she was at school, and will leave knowing that she HER success will be remembered. Look out to the future and we will see more of Bre Roper!

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