Kim Jung Un’s Half Brother Taken out by Two Women

Staff Writer: Heather Abler

Usually, when you think about Kim Jung Un, you think about communist North Korea, bombs, and nukes. The leader’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, died February 13 in Malaysia. It is reported that he died suddenly with no major warning signs. Two women involved in the plot, Siti Aisyah, an Indonesian citizen and Doan Thi Huong, a Vietnamese citizen, were both charged with murder last Wednesday; despite saying they were not guilty. What is even more shocking than two women being the main conspirators behind the killing is the method in which he was killed.

unnamed.pngMugshot of the Two Women Suspects. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

Police reported that Nam was killed by a fatal nerve agent, VX, which has been banned internationally. The women smeared it on his face while he was waiting to board his flight at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. In this case, VX probably made Nam have convulsions, paralysis, and his death was likely resulting in respiratory failure. It was reported that on the way to the hospital, he passed away. It is safe to say that this method of killing was very odd. Could it be odd enough to where murder wasn’t the two women’s motive?


Kim Jong Nam. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

Aisyah said in her questioning that she truly believed she rubbed baby oil on Nam’s face, not VX. Her aunt stated that Aisyah was a comedian, who regularly pranked people by putting lotion or tomato sauce on them. One of her friends also reported that, “Whatever people said, she would believe. She would only follow.” Could this really be the case? What if the four other men wanted for questioning tricked Aisyah to believing that the nerve agent was baby oil? Or could this all be a lie, since the two women would face the death penalty if found guilty of murder?

When you look at the details of the case, it’s hard to try and figure out what the truth is. Did these two women really have any motive to kill Nam? After all, if they truly believed they were on a prank show, that the substance was baby oil, and that one of the suspects was known to be a comedian, it’s very likely that their intentions were not murder at all. However, this could also all just be a well thought out cover up to hide their true motives for premeditated murder. Never the less, Indonesia has Aisyah’s back. An Indonesian diplomat stated, “Indonesia will always be with her.”

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