Ban on Fake News?

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

The recent barring of certain news outlets entering the white house press briefing has caused quite a stir in media relations, but was it not expected? If we look at what certain news outlets were barred from entering, we quickly see the trend that is evermore present, Democratic news sites being banned. Nevertheless, there was a rhyme and reason for this event taking place and it has two words “fake news”.download (4).png

(News Outlet.) (Photo from creative commons)

Trump’s interpretation of certain news sites serving “fake news” was one of the major reasons, if not the most important one. But are they fake news? An anonymous senior at Woodstock High school stated in response to this news story, “It’s his house, if he doesn’t want people in it, then it’s his choice.”

One subject that is being brought up recently parallel to this event happening is the debate of this violating our first amendment right, but is it? From a technical viewpoint on this, the answer is no. The reason being that trump, being the president of the white house, has the ability to control who and who doesn’t gain entry. Think about it from your point of view, would you want outlets that spin your words against you and backstab you on a constant basis in your house?

On the other side of the coin, in a political correctness point of view, this barring of certain media outlets can be seen as a strike against free speech and an attempt at segregating certain media outlets over others. But the problem with this point of view is that Donald Trump isn’t entirely wrong when he calls some of these sites “fake news”.download (13).jpg

(Donald J. Trump) (Photo from creative commons)

Take CNN for example, they have been caught time and time again writing deliberately fake news articles just for attention. For example, with the recent Pewdiepie and his “anti-semantic” posts, CNN and Huffington post decided to frame Pewdiepie as this “Nazi” and you know how they did it? By cutting and pasting old, completely out of context video clips together and calling it “Proof”.

The worst part about this whole scenario is the lack of media trust that is starting to rise in America. If the fact that the average American has to fact check every single thing that media outlets say is not evidence enough then I don’t know what is. An anonymous junior at Woodstock High school stated “[Do you] want to be fed lies? just go to CNN”



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