Jack(ie) in the Box

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott


Jackie Digirolamo is one of the most artistic students at our school. She is a friend to everyone, and always has a smiling face. Jackie has appeared on many Pinterest pages.

Taylor: When did you start drawing?

Jackie: I have always had an interest in arts and crafts and doing things like that ever since I can remember. I remember when I was younger I used to always draw and doodle in class, and always bringing my artwork home and showing my mom so that she could put it on the fridge.


Jackie’s beautiful drawing . (taken by: Jackie)

T: What inspires you to draw your amazing artwork?

J: My artwork allows me to express my feelings and emotions, and just lets me express myself. Drawing also helps me relax and relieve stress.

Lexi: Do you think you will pursue your artistic talents in college?

Jackie: My art has always just been a hobby for me, I never really planned on taking it  anywhere. I will always keep drawing because, it is something that I really enjoy.

We asked a couple seniors about what they think about Jackie…

Lexi:What is one unique/ cool thing you know or think about Jackie?

Bailey Youmans(senior): Jackie’s sense of style is very cool to me. It is very boho, hipster and she pulls it off so well. She’s such a good friend.


Jackie showing off her cute style. (Taken by:Taylor Elliott)

Taylor: What do you think about Jackie’s senior project?

Cara Bacon: I think Jackie’s senior project is so awesome. The cause that she is helping is so caring and I totally respect it because of my love for animals. Not to mention her crazy cute shirts that she designed herself!!

Jackie’s senior project involves saving turtles at Jekyll Island. She is selling shirts to help donate to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Every shirt sold, all the money goes to the organization. The shirts she is selling she did design herself. If any of you would like to purchase one to help with her senior project , I would really recommend it.


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