NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Edition

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This year’s class is one of the strongest in years and it’s no surprise. While we enter march madness, it’s time to do a lottery edition Mock Draft before the tournament, so let’s get to it.

  1. Boston Celtics(Via Brooklyn): Markelle Fultz. Lonzo Ball will make a compelling argument with his uniqueness and playmaking, however he just doesn’t have the complete package Fultz possess. Despite not making the tournament, that won’t hurt Fultz based on his talent and playing for a horrible team. He can create his shot and score at will but also possess amazing playmaking (averaged 6 assist on a bad Washington team) and intriguing defensive potential (averaged over a block and a game). WHS sophomore Bailey Rende stated “ Fultz might be the most skilled poing guard I’ve seen since Kyrie irving”. Mix with his physical tools standing at 6 foot 5 with a ridiculous 6 foot 11 wingspans, Fultz is a can’t miss prospect and is the most complete offensive prospect since Kyrie.  Credit: ://


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  1. Los Angeles Lakers: Lonzo Ball. Ball is right there with Fultz as the best prospect in this draft. His knack for making teammates better and turning UCLA into a march madness contender is amazing. Not to mention he’s a light out shooter who can pull up from 30, despite a lot of criticism from his release.  WHS Sophmore Hunter Leonard stated “ Ball is the best passer I’ve ever seen in college.”Also, his inability to consistently create his own shot in half court and showing little midrange/ scoring potential in general put him below Fultz , however, his transition game and wizard passing will fit nicely into the Lakers as it will allow Russell to move back to his natural position at the two and just the thought of a Russell-Ball backcourt will be too much for the Lakers to pass up.


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3. Phoenix Suns: Josh Jackson. With Lonzo and Markelle off the board, Jackson is not only the best player available, but he also fits the needs for the suns which is a defensive athletic wing. Phoenix defense is horrendous and Jackson will immediately make their defense a lot better. He might not have the passing of ball and complete package of Fultz, however Jackson is the best two way player. His jump shot is still bad and his free throws aren’t the best, however his elite athleticism and passing for a forward make up for his developing jumper. Tatum will make a compelling argument; however, Jackson has a higher ceiling.

4. Orlando Magic: Jayson Tatum. Fresh of a dominant ACC tournament performance, Tatum is back in the mix for a top 3 pick and it’s not hard to see why. He’s one of the most polished players in this draft, however he isn’t just a scorer. He’s improving as a playmaker and has always been a solid defender. He will gave the Magic an immediate scoring boast considering the Magic have one of the worst offenses in the league and their leading scorer only averages 16.9.

5. Philadelphia 76ers: Malik Monk. Despite having a couple bad games lately, that won’t affect his draft stock. Monk is still one the most explosive scorers in the country. Not only is he a good scorer he’s one of the best athletes in the class despite not always using his elite athleticism. The sixers desperately need an explosive player in the backcourt that could offer them shooting.

6. Sacramento: Dennis Smith. The Kings need to find their point guard of the future and Smith J.R checks the box. He is the most athletic guard in this draft and one of the more explosive players. Despite questions of his leadership that shouldn’t be a concerned considering his talent. He isn’t on the level in complete scoring as Fultz, however smith is one of the more explosive scorers also offers you good playmaking. Teams won’t draft him based on his defensive potential since he’s not that long or tall, however teams will draft him based on his elite athleticism and offensive potential.

7. New York Knicks: Frank Nitilinkina. Every year there is the mystery international prospect that’s a projected lottery pick and this year it’s Frank. Despite not having monster numbers Frank is still one of the best prospects. He’s got great physical tools at  6 foot 5 and a reported 7 foot wingspan. He’s also an elite shooter shooting over 40 percent from 3, however what’s really his calling card is his defensive potential. He has great lateral quickness and his length helps him hound perimeter players. He’s still a raw 18 year that still needs to develop as a playmaker, however his shooting and potential puts him ahead of fox.

8. Sacramento Kings: Jonathon Isaac. Despite wanting to put fox here, the Kings already have smith and both are too undersized to be a 2 so we will roll with Isaac. Isaac doesn’t have eye popping numbers however his potential is too good to pass up. He is a ridiculous 6 foot 11 with over a 7-foot wingspan and averaging over 20 per 40 despite a low usage rate. Isaac needs to bulk up and he isn’t aggressive enough, plus he’s most likely a project player, however his intriguing size and offensive skillset will sell Sacramento into drafting him.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves: Lauri Markkanen. This is a move the Timberwolves must be wishing to make. Markkanean is one of best 3 point shooting big man arguably since Nowitzki. This move will also allow Towns to move back to center, his natural position. Despite Markkanean amazing offensive skills, he is more of a high floor than ceiling guy. He isn’t the most athletic and only has a total of 17 blocks, which lowers his ceiling defensively. However, team fit and offensive potential, will convince the Timberwolves to take a chance on the Arizona product.

10. Dallas Mavericks: D’areon Fox. Lack of perimeter game causes Fox to fall to number 10 on my mock daft. However, Fox is easily still one of the best guards in the draft. He’s explosive, lightning quick, and a good playmaker. Despite not being long, he’s still one of the best defenders in the class thanks to his quickness. Yogi Ferrell is a good player; however he doesn’t have nearly the ceiling that Fox possess.

11.Portland Trail Blazers: Robert Williams. Williams defensive potential and developing offensive game has put him in the lottery. He’s still raw offensively as he averaged only 11.7 points, however he’s flashed a jumper and some post moves. He also has a NBA-Ready body at 6 foot 9 at 240. He’s also the best shot blocking prospect since Davis as he’s averaging a monster 2.5 blocks. Portland’s horrendous defense and power forward need makes this a perfect fit for a struggling Blazers defense.

12.Charlotte Hornets: Miles Bridges. Other than his NBA fit, there aren’t really many questions about Bridges ability. He’s athletic and can also shoot efficiently from the 3. Not to mention he also has a NBA-ready body at 6 foot 7 and 230. However, his inability to create at halfcourt and NBA fit is concerning since he’s too undersized to be a 4 and can’t create enough to be a 3. However, his athleticism and improved 3-point jumper will convince charlotte to take Bridges.

13.Chicago Bulls: Terrance Ferguson. This may be a surprise given Furguson struggled overseas and is still raw, however the bulls should make it a priority to draft Terrance. He’s got excellent size for a 2-guard at 6 foot 7 and is an elite shooter, something the Bulls desperately lack. Not to mention he’s athletic and has good defensive potential. He may be raw however, the bulls will take a chance on him simply cause they need shooting badly.

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