Possibility of a China and Russia Entente

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

China and Russia have had quite similar policies when it comes to homosexuality, press censorship, and halting what they deem to be Western global dominance. Their relationship has largely been shaped by their trade deals together and with foreign nations.

These Sino-Chinese relations began in 1991 when the USSR was officially dissolved and the modern Russian Federation was founded. The two nations were at heavy odds with one another during the time of the cold war, but tensions were eased as trading was elevated to new heights.
Russia quickly became China’s top supplier of oil and currently provides high-tech military hardware and other natural resources whose primary functions is to support China’s military.

Sino-China pic

Chinese and Russian officials have been hosting multiple “trade and associates” conferences in hopes of sponsoring closer relations (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

In China, there is no formal military presence operated by the government, instead the Communist Party of China is the only political party allowed to have a standing army and provide defense for the country.

This is complementary with Russian President Putin’s nearly autocratic authority with the military. He has expressed limited regard with Russian lives when he covertly engages in conflicts such as Ukraine.

Beijing routinely exerts its power over Chinese territory by censoring the media in all forms. Books, newspapers, and music all must abide by stringent guidelines that have alienated China’s trading most prominent partners, except for Russia.

Whereas Japan, the Philippines, and most other Asian powers have been polarized by China’s action, Russia endorses it, possibly to justify their own sedition.

With Russia being one of the few nations with global prominence to maintain positive relations with China, some have begun to speculate how this makeshift friendship could transform into a powerful contender on the world stage.

When asked how leaders should address the rising concern of an alliance between Russia and China, Woodstock Junior Anna Scragg urged statesmen to “remain cautious when appealing to these two. They have a history of military intervention and I worry what they would do if we tried to divide them.”

Her hesitation is quite substantiated considering the multitude of proxy wars that America has participated in with these two powers. However, the combined military strength of Russia and China could interfere directly with American interests overseas.

Putin Xi meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin both meet to review their current trade policies (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

In fact, both the Chinese and Russian government have taken a profound concern in Syria by supporting the Assad regime, ultimately acting as the remaining lifeline for Assad.

While the likelihood of China or Russia engaging American forces is minimal, they could get involved with NATO member states, pressuring American assistance.

If China or Russia are at risk of losing their respective resources, the other could very well interject to protect their own investment in their prospective nations.

Zakuan Kahn, a freshman at Woodstock High school, detested this relationship as “an immediate threat to the interests of all Americans. They must be halted at every opportunity. The workers of the world must unite to end this hegemony of oppression.”

Over the course of my research and interviews, one tendency was blatantly clear; China and Russia have the capacity to undermine the democratic values of the West while installing their own impressionable form of despotism.


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