A Beautiful Performance by our School Color Guard

Section Writer: Hannah Suh


Our amazing Woodstock High School Color Guard had a competition on March 4. This competition was the WGI Regionals. There were five groups in the Junior Varsity class and thirty one groups in the Varsity. It was held at McEachern High School from 8:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night.


The Junior Varsity went first, early in the morning, while the Varsity competition was held later that day. All groups shared the second gym and got ready upstairs, where there were two separate warm up sections and even a refolding area on the lower level.


After the performance, groups would have to unfold other groups’ floors and were able to do whatever they wanted to do and to change until finals, which our Junior Varsity got into after their first performance. They qualified as the top three in their class and were able to move up to the finals, which would be held later in the evening.


A freshman, Katie Torkkola, stated that, “Our instructor was so happy. He said that it was a great birthday present. Mostly everyone was happy about their performance. Although there were a few drops and mess ups, everyone got back in and performed well.”


The time in between their performances were spent watching other performances, getting food, or warming up. One of the Junior Varsity performers stated that, “The groups that my friends and I watched were amazing! There were groups with beautiful shows, groups that were small, and groups that were huge! Some group’s music stopped, but they all kept going and helping each other out loud. They still did amazing.”


The Varsity had a great performance. They got 17 out of 31 in this past competition. They recently went to Knoxville and got in the top ten! They have been working very hard, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Junior Varsity has also been working hard, on Mondays and Fridays. Their practices consist of working on the performance, working on individual sections, and the basics. The section work consists of flag work, rifle tosses, and the dance part of the routine.


There is a color guard camp on Saturday where they will be finishing the rest of their show, and then next week is their competition at Villa Rica. After that, there will be a family and friends show on the 30, and then the next day will be Sapa Championships. It will be held in Tennessee and there will be about 18 classes in Junior Varsity.


Freshman, Katie Torkkola, stated that, “I think I did pretty well on my first run and my final run at WGI. I got my counts, I looked up and smiled, and most of all, I had fun. Even though my double on my rifle was not the best in either runs, I had an amazing time.”


I think that our Woodstock High School Color Guard did an amazing Job. They have worked super hard as a team and even made it to finals! As a student at Woodstock High School, I am proud of them and all the effort that they have put into this school program. Let’s hope for many more amazing performances in the future!


Freshman Katie Torkkola During WGI Regionals

Photo Courtesy of: Ella Elbeck

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