Art Student: Emma Visser

staff writer: Brooke Schoonmaker



Emma Visser was this month’s student profile in the artistic section. I asked her a few questions about her journey, how she has improved in art over the years, how did she get involved into art, how old was she when she decided to pursue art has a regular hobby for her, as well as if she wants to continue through with an art career after she graduates high school and follow through with an arts college.

I asked her if something or someone inspired her to peruse art. She replied with “growing up I have always had a big family around me and I was always surrounded by unique experiences. I think having that in my life everyday inspired me to manifest the experiences in an expressive medium like art”. Ever since then she has had an inspiration and compassion for art. She is constantly being inspired by beautiful things and people she sees in her ever day life.

After high school she does plan on continuing art, she loves creating it, especially as a way to better understand this world around her. She began to love art at around the age five or six and loved it so much she kept on going with it through high school

Ever since she started art she has obviously improved a lot but she thinks she has improved most in her ability to channel her ideas and inspiration from outside causes into her creations. After High school she hopes to go to an arts college, she thinks besides learning more technical skill going to an arts college would help her access a deeper level of art activity. She wants to make being an artist her full time job as well. She thinks it will be cool to be able to work and make a living doing something as cool as art, as well as doing something I am compassionate about and I can enjoy it as well.

So as you can see she has come a long way. She started art at five or six for fun and is now an amazing artist with amazing skills wanting to pursue this as a full time job! I guess hard work and dedication to something you enjoy and you are compassionate about does pay off!


A picture of Emma in her art class during fourth period

picture credits-Brooke Schoonmaker


One of Emma’s most recently finished piece of art

Picture Credits- Brooke Schoonmaker

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