Falcons take flight

Staff Writer: Saony Taveras
Sunday, February 7, was Super Bowl XI in Houston, Texas.
Atlanta's very own Falcons took on the New England Patriots.
The Patriots had already been in the Super Bowl seven times
and won four out of seven of the games. The Falcons
however were appearing in the big game for only the second
time in franchise history; their first time there since 1998,
which resulted in a loss to the Denver Broncos.
In the first half, the Falcons crushed it, opening up a three-
score lead against the legendary Patriots. Midway through the
third quarter, the Falcons held a seemingly insurmountable
28-3 lead, but the celebration in Atlanta began slipping away
as the Patriots began their historic comeback in the third.
The Falcons went ice cold, committed multiple
uncharacteristic moves (turnovers, penalties, etc.) and the
Patriots ran off 25 unanswered points to force the first
overtime game in Super Bowl history.
When the Patriots won the coin toss for overtime most fans
could see the writing on the wall. The Patriots did not waste
any time, marching down the field for the game-winning
touchdown and a comeback for the ages.
Even though this game was a headache to keep up with some
people do say that the last down the Patriots made should not
have counted because his knee was down before the football
passed the line, but that did not stop them from taking the win.Atlanta_Falcons_1990s_wordmarksaony t

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