More Life, More Time To Get It Right

Staff Writer: Amari McCain

Aubrey Graham, better known by his stage name Drake, is one of the most successful names in rap, if not the most successful. His accolades stack up comparably to some of the greatest of all time, and his discography has a bit of platinum shine to it, as his most recent album, Views, went double platinum. But the Toronto based rapper is about to drop a new project, and it’s expected to be one of his best projects to date. Here’s what to expect from this album.


The Toronto rapper has been on top of the game lately// photo courtesy of Creative Commons, collected by Ella Elbeck

Drake has always had a theme with his album releases. Views was based around his home city in Toronto, and his hardships coming up as a rapper. “Nothing Was The Same was based on his emotional experiences with relationships and his consistent hits. “Take Care was giving thanks to idols, and collaborating with other artists. “Thank Me Later was centered around his experience with fake friends, and his riches and fame coming ahead of others. And last but not least, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (mixtape) was just straight diversity and showing his versatility as an artist. So, many critics have been trying to predict the theme of this upcoming album, and they’re using the four previewed tracks to try and come to that conclusion.

Although Drake has been trying to hype up the release of his album, many people are unaware of the release date. When I asked WHS sophomore Michelle Saucedo if she was excited for Drake’s album, she simply asked, “When does it come out?” I also asked sophomore Sage Carino if he was looking forward to Drake’s album, and he said, “I actually didn’t know that Drake was dropping anything.”

The four previewed tracks so far are: “Fake Love, Sneakin (ft. 21 Savage), Two Birds, One Stone, and an unnamed track that has multiple snippets released. Based on the songs that have been released, this looks like a revenge album, and an album showing how far ahead of the game Drake is. He took shots at cartel rapper Pusha T on Two Birds One Stone, and melodically rhymed about his “fake friends” and his two faced acquaintances in his hit Fake Love. He also touched on rapper’s nowadays doing nothing but sneak dissing and throwing shots on his collab with 21 Savage, “Sneakin”.

This album looks to come out as a revenge type album, with Drake having something to prove, as he holds his status on top of the rap game. He also has many notable features, such as The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, and Rihanna. He also worked overseas with a Swedish producer and plans on showing off his diversity and his power in the rap community with this album. Expect a jam-packed, hype-type album, that very well may go down as one of the best he has released. It comes out March 18.

image1 (1)

Big things are coming up from the young emcee// photo courtesy of Creative Commons, collected by Ella Elbeck

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