The Finishing of Senior Project

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton


Since the beginning of the year everyone has been stressing about senior project. We have all procrastinated till the last minute because we all thought we had enough time. Yes, it has been very rough, but the teachers this year have made it easier and less stressful for the students. The students are so happy that they are finally done and will have less stress now finishing their senior year.

Some seniors have worked super hard on their projects/products. “Coaching a small clinic was a very tough thing to do with little kids, but I got through it and finished my senior project in a breeze.” Said Brant Hurter.

Also, senioritis is hitting these seniors super early and they are struggling to finish on time. They have waited till the last minute and its back firing. You cannot finish your senior project in a day and some seniors think that you can.

Teachers have been bending over backwards for students, because they know how tough this project can be. Some students appreciate the help the teachers are putting forward, but some students just don’t care at all and are taking advantage of the teachers.

Senior project was a great learning experience for everyone. Being able to spend time in the career you want to pursue is pretty awesome and some kids don’t see that. Because what if you think you want to do a career, but then end up hating it once you spend time doing it.

“I honestly think senior project is a waste of time and would not help us in the future” Taylor Shannon. See, this is how some seniors feel about this project. I agree that some of the stuff is unnecessary for completing it, but the project as a whole is pretty clever.

All in all, senior project is beneficial to all students wanting to go to college and peruse in a career. Yes, some kids think it’s stupid, but in all honesty it’s not at all.


Taken by: Ashlyn Richardson


Taken by: Sydney Bridge

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