Wings Bound- Chapter 3

I took a deep breath as the bus pulled up to the school. Adjusting my backpack on my shoulders, I grabbed my bag of books and stood, walking out the door quickly. I made my way around the school towards the benches on the other side, where my friends and I had agreed to meet up. It was only 7:48, and school didnt start until 8:15. There was enough time.

I sat at one of the benches and waited. My bus got there before my friends did, so I was the first. After only a few minutes of waiting, Ethan and Kaylee approached me, holding each other’s hands. I rolled my eyed lightheartedly and approached them.

“So…” I sighed. “Might as well see them.”

I slowly took off my backpack, revealing my grey wings… wait, grey?

“What? Why are they grey?” I asked myself. “They were white before…”

“Well, check out mine.” Kaylee said. She lifted off her sweater, revealing grey wings similar to mine, except they faded to a midnight black at the tips.

“And mine,” Ethan cut in, taking off the large winter jacket he’d been wearing to reveal his wings were a large array of colors. Blues, yellows, greens, purples, and browns all mixed together, looking as if someone had thrown colored water on to the wings and it had dripped down, staining the feathers.

“Impressive!” I smiled. “This is so cool!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wings begin to change color. The grey melted away, replaced with a soft lime green.

“Okay, whats happening there?” Ethan asked, softly taking one of my wings in his hand and examining it.

“I-I dont know… Maybe its like a mood necklace?” I suggested.

Kaylee nodded. “Hannah might be right. After all, she was obviously showing some kind of emotion when they changed.”

“Hmm… Hannah, think of something to make you change moods.” Ethan said to me, stepping back. I nodded and closed my eyes, thoughts swirling around in my head. I eventually settled on a happy memory of mine, where I was swimming with my friends at a birthday party. I opened my eyes and looked back, seeing the wings had faded to a mix of yellow with hints of red at the tips.

“Whoa… That’s so cool!” I smiled.

Ethan and Kaylee laughed at my enthusiasm. I smiled and checked my watch.

“Oh no! We totally lost track of time!” I said hurriedly. “Its 8:10! We gotta go!”

I quickly slid my wings back in to the uncomfortable backpack and waved to my friends as I took off down the pathway to the doors. I made it to class just before the bell rang. Sighing, I sat down and got out my homework from the previous night that i hadn’t done after all of the fighting and drama. The teacher gave me a disappointed look as she walked by, but said nothing as the marked on her paper and moved on.

Classes went by rather quickly. Before I knew it, lunch was upon us. I quickly ran out of the spanish classroom, eager to get away from one of my least favorite subjects, and entered the cafeteria. I saw Ethan and Kaylee sitting at the end of one of the tables, along with Brendon, Lucas, and Bella. I grabbed lunch from the line and sat down, glancing over to Kaylee. She looked at me quizzically. Pulling out my phone, i sent her a text.

H: Should we tell them?

K: Who? Brendon, Lucas, and Bella?

H: Yeah, about the wings. They’re our friends. Don’t they deserve to know?

K: I guess, but lets wait until theres not tons of other people around to hear or see it, okay?

H: Good point. Maybe a sleepover this weekend? Even if the guys can’t sleep over, they can still hang out.

K: Alright, sure.

I spoke up to my friends sitting at the table. “Hey Brendon, Lucas, Bella, wanna hang out at my house this weekend? The girls can sleep over if you want, but you know how my mom feels about co-ed.”

Sure! Sounds awesome!” Lucas smiled.

“I don’t see why not.” Brendon said with a small smile.

Bella grinned. “I’ll ask my mom, but probably.”

“Awesome!” I smiled. “I have something i wanna show you guys.”

I smiled to myself as i imagined their shock seeing the tree of us with wings. Eating my lunch as talk went on around me, one thought came to the forefront of my mind, and would not leave.

How did the wings even get there in the first place?

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