The Spectacular Woodstock Band

Section editor: Daniela Salame

Woodstock band had an LGP concert last Friday and did extremely well. In fact, they got a straight superior rating, which is the highest ranking you’re able to get. “LGP is a large group performance for high school bands. We did amazing and played three songs.” Anna Mitchell, sophomore informed us.  This event was held in Dawson county high school, who provided an amazing concert hall for the talented bands who attended. This orchestra practiced thoroughly during their practice to exceed on that day, and so they did. It’s amazing how far they’ve come from the begging of the year until today! Parents were so proud of their hardworking children when the crowd got on their feet for applause.

The students who are a part of the Woodstock high school band are able to play here because of their passion and love for music. Every beat and sound they make from their instruments collide together to make amazing harmony for the audience to hear and enjoy. Band is an outlet for students looking for a way to express their extraordinary talents and wonder of music to others. Music is said to be an expression of the soul, and this group of high school students brought it out on the performance on Friday, March 4th. Not only is this a great way for these passionate kids to put their hobby into school spirit, but it can also help with their future. Collage admissions officers take in consideration when scouting, a child who was a participant in their school band– especially a successful and superior one like Woodstock High schools. Also, this type of music is proven to improve brain activity, causing more focus among students and higher scores on tests.

The bands next performance is their spring convert in April, make sure to come and support your Woodstock band to listen to more amazing music! “We play more upbeat and spring-like music, it’s really great!” Quoted Anna Mitchell, so if you’re looking for a spectacular show, the band has it for you!

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