Beauty and the Beast

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries


One. This movie was my childhood and the cast and directors did an amazing job! I absolutely loved it! The music parts of the movie was spectacular also! This movie is absolutely one of my favorites and I just saw it on Wednesday!

Two. I do not like musicals and this movie has singing parts in it. But holy moly, this movie made the singing parts work! I believe this is the only movie I will ever make an exception for. It was literally amazing!

Three. The extra scenes that are meant to tug at your emotional strings defiantly tugged my emotional strings, and I don’t really get upset about things that happen in movies. This movie was truly pretty spectacular.

The stories that are inside the movie giving a back-story on how Belle’s mother died, was so sad but it was beautiful. The graphics were amazing. The costumes on point. The voices for singing was amazing as well, obviously! The entire movie itself was beautiful.

SPOILER ALERT: When the Beast is shot, that was so sad! I cried. I seriously cried with my friend Marissa. We looked at each other and teared up at the same time. And when Belle said she loved the Beast, oh my goodness, my heart melted. I guess I’m a weakling for cute, lovey-dovey things.

Marissa Ginsberg, a senior at Cherokee High School, said “I absolutely loved this movie, it was so good!” And resumed to laughing and crying.

Corey Amber, a friend of mine from Georgia Highlands College, says over text “IT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!”

Also, when the movie first came out, I was speaking with a friend of mine, Boris Huffman, who does online college at Kennesaw State University, and he said all of the movie times at the theater he works at were filled and sold out! All in one night! He said he believed it was over 3,000 people that came to see the movie, he did not have a spare minute to text me back it was so busy.

Gabriel Nazaroff, a senior at Etowah High School, says it was a “10/10 experience! Definitely go see it!” I think he was a little more excited than I was when he bought the tickets.

At the theaters, Marissa and I saw two little girls that dressed up as little Belle characters and one of them was crying because the Beast found love. They sat right next to us and we were “fan-girling” together. It was amazing.

In all honesty, this movie has defiantly hit the top three movies I have seen and absolutely loved. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend you go watch it as soon as possible!

I have not met or talked to one single person, both physically alone and emotionally single, that has not liked or loved the movie! That is how good it was!  If you do not believe the strangers article you are reading right now, you need to go to the theaters after school and watch the movie to prove yourself wrong.


Photo Credits: Creative Commons

Scene from Beauty and the Beast, the original version from Disney.


Photo Credits: Ashley Humphries

Cover for Beauty and the Beast in the theaters.

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