Technology: Useful or Problematic?

Staff writer: Maddie Caracalas

Today’s generation truly fascinates me when it comes to how advanced we are with technology. It seems like everyone these days is always on the phone, and I’m not going to lie and say that I’m any exception.

While many people are with me in this group, there are others who disapprove of today’s common tech usage. Personally, I can understand both sides of this argument. 

 While our advanced technology today can be helpful with talking to people rather than waiting weeks to write letters and such, or help us with learning and accessing things we haven’t had access to in the past, it also has a few downsides.

 It seems like most people these days never talk to each other anymore, everyone is always online and knows everyone else’s business and personal lives. It’s not as common to see people communicate with each other in person now, no one does anything anymore without tweeting about it, or putting it on their Snapchat story.

I asked a friend, freshman Amir Elghonomy, for his input on the topic at hand. 

Maddie: What is your opinion on today’s generation’s constant technology usage?

Amir: I mean, personally, I think people now use their phones way too much.

Maddie: Do you think there are more pros or cons to tech usage?

Amir: There are more cons, people are connected too much to enjoy life.

 I also asked the same questions to another friend, freshman Olivia Wade. 

Maddie: What is your opinion on today’s generation’s constant technology usage?

Olivia: I think technology is truly helpful, it’s easier for people to communicate with each other and learn things.

Maddie: Do you think there are more pros or cons to tech usage?

Olivia: There are more pros, society is more advanced than ever, and we will keep advancing thanks to our easy access to the internet.

 To wrap things up, it’s easy to see that everyone has very different views on our generation’s internet use. There are many different points to be made, and everyone’s opinion will be different as things continue to advance in the tech world. Technology can be very helpful, but it can be difficult when everyone is constantly attached to it. People just need to learn how to balance the use of the internet with the ability to communicate in person, rather than over a screen.


  1. Doris M. says:

    I personally find more pros, being connected to people who I would have never met irl has helped me out tremendously over the past few years

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