Bracket Bashing

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

Alright, a lot of people are into fantasy sports, that’s fine but it gets frustrating when that’s ALL they talk about. Like it is understandable to hear people mindlessly rant about sports in my first three class periods of the day, but when it’s EVERY class I get a little upset.

bracket template

I don’t understand…


I was unjustly subjected to making my own bracket for Statistics class which a certain sophomore who shall remain unnamed made for me in exchange for a cinnamon Pop-Tart, he went on quote to say, “I’m finna make you the coldest bracket.” He evidently did due to me making it rather far in the statistics class game. I did not enjoy it.

tar heels logo

Coach Hightower likes these guys.

In the bracket’s defense, I may enjoy it more if I actually knew anything about basketball, if the anonymous sophomore had not intervened to save me from my own ignorance I would have likely put NBA and high school teams on my bracket, just to put into perspective my lack of any sport knowledge.

Overall, shut up about brackets, I am beyond sick of hearing people with multiple chins talk about which athlete is better than the other.

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