Seniors last Spring Break

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

As the end of the year comes closer to the end, seniors are realizing the last of everything left in high school. For example, spring break because it is every students favorite break. Spring break is pretty much the break that shows that the school year is almost over!

Everyone hears the stories about Panama City and how unsafe it is down there. I completely agree, there is so many shootings, drinking and driving, and also all different types of drugs. Going down to Panama city for spring break for one is very unsafe, but also its not even that hot down there. Why would you want to go to the beach if it’s just going to be windy and cold.

Luckily, The senior class is not going to Panama. Many different groups are going to different places. One group is going on a cruise.  Other is going to a beach resort in Cancun, Mexico. “I’m excited to be going on a cruise instead of going to PCB, because it is way safer,” said Josephine Shepard.

The safety of  high school students decreases when you go to PCB, so that’s why teachers and parents try to keep their children away from there. As the years continue less and less people don’t go to Panama.

Also, seniors are excited for spring break because after the break ends there is only a month and two weeks till graduation. ” After spring break I know that senioritis will hit me like a brick,” said Kyle Long.

Also, there is a group of students going over to Europe. They’re traveling to London, Paris, and Barcelona. I would have really wanted to do that, but it is super expensive.

As the year ends though the seniors are starting the cherish their last moments as much as they can. It is very sad to see everything coming to the end. But, everything from now till graduation will be the best month and two weeks of our life.


Picture of Cancun



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