Band Star: Lexi

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

This month I interviewed a band student named Lexi who is a sophomore here at Woodstock High School. She has played the flute for two years in the Woodstock High School Band. She answered some questions about her future such as what college she wants to attend when she graduates, does she want to continue all her four years in band. She is also asked if she had any inspirations or influences on deciding to do band in High School and if she has ever had an interest in playing another instrument besides the flute.

She mentioned that she had many inspirations and influences in her life to join band, but her biggest inspiration or influence was her sister. She said she encouraged her and pushed her to her limits to become the best band student here at the Woodstock Band. She has also mentioned her sister is one of her biggest cheerleaders at her band performances and other events.

Lexi got involved in band or got involved playing an instrument when she was only ten years old. She played around with a few instruments and nothing really stuck with her but when she found the flute she said “the flute really stuck with me when I picked it up and started to play around with it”. Even though she loves and enjoys playing the flute, she would love to try some instruments she has never played before such as the clarinet and the saxophone. She said “it would be nice to play a new instrument and go out of my comfort zone”.

Even though she enjoys being in the Woodstock High School Band and she wants to continue all four years of her high school band career, she does not want to pursue this as a life time job though. She actually wants to go towards art. For example drawing or making animations. She also wants to go to an arts based college instead of a band based college when she graduates high school.

Lexi is a very hard worker who started from a little musician at ten and grew into a great flute player at fifth teen. Hopefully she can pursue her dreams as in becoming an artist or an animator, but if that does not work we do know what she can fall back on.


a picture with Lexi and me

Picture Credits:Brooke Schoonmaker


Lexi playing her flute

Picture Credits; Brooke Schoonmaker


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