Flipping Over the Girls’ Lacrosse Fundraiser

Section Writer: Hannah Suh


On March 18, the girls lacrosse program held a fundraiser at Applebee’s in Woodstock. The girls spent weeks selling tickets for six dollars each. Everyone was required to sell ten tickets, even if they had to buy their own. The fundraiser involved a whole plate of three free pancakes, served by the girls lacrosse team.


The process of selling the tickets involved asking fellow students, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and family. The Junior Varsity goalie, Melissa Ledezma, stated that “It was hard to sell all ten tickets, given the fact that we had over 30 girls from the same school trying to sell them.” Some girls even bought all of their tickets before the deadline, and gave them away to family or friends.


The Girls arrived at Applebee’s at seven thirty in the morning to prepare and learn what to do. Everyone was assigned a table to serve and check up on. The girls in the kitchen were scooping butter and pouring syrup, while the chefs cooked the amazing food. They also had to get drinks ready for their servers to deliver to the customers. One girl even exclaimed that she was sick of butter after scooping so much.


Being able to see friends and family there was very interesting. All of the parents really enjoyed seeing their kids working and interacting with everyone so well. Being able to give back to those who supported the lacrosse program was even more delightful. There was a tip bag at the front, and people even left very generous tips. All of these earnings from the tickets and tips went towards the girls lacrosse program.


The junior varsity head coach, Chelsea Johnson, stated that, “We enjoy the applebees fundraiser because it allows our girls to work together off the field while socializing with family and friends. It’s a fun, easy way to do a fundraiser!”


One of the varsity players, Mackenzie Rich, stated, “It was so great being able to see so many people come. Since there were so many people, everyone was always busy! It was also fun being able to work with the girls who I get to play on the field with.”


It was very kind of Applebee’s to let our girls lacrosse use their restaurant before opening hours. The chefs were amazing and even made food for the girls. The food was very delicious and in very great portions. Who knew that Applebee’s had such delicious pancakes? Applebee’s does this fundraiser for multiple sports throughout the year, and the girls lacrosse had the privilege to work with them. 


The team just had another fundraiser, which involved selling spirit wear. There were many different shirts, jackets, and pants. As their season comes to an end, let’s keep supporting our amazing Wolverine athletic programs as well as we did for the girls lacrosse! Good luck with the rest of the season girls!

FullSizeRender (3)

Girls Lacrosse team

Photo courtesy of: Ella Elbeck

FullSizeRender (4)


Applebee’s fundraiser

Photo courtesy of: Ella Elbeck

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