The Problem with Illegal Immigration

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few centuries, you have probably heard of the term “Illegal Immigration”. Illegal immigration is the entry of a person or a group of persons across a country’s border in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. With this being known, regarding the united states laws on immigration, it would be illegal for a person or many persons to cross the American border without formal permission, usually with a green card or visit, and to stay here for any given period of time.


(Illegal Immigrants climbing a border) (Photo from creative commons)

Now, this doesn’t sound that bad if you consider that it may help the people who are crossing over, but the problem arises when you consider how it cripples the country they cross into. A senior at Woodstock High School, who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “We need to get rid of these illegal aliens.”

So how does this hurt the country they invade? It happens in a few ways. The first way is influence. Influence, in this example, refers to how it affects the look of the country and how it influences the people who are currently trying to cross or who are thinking about crossing. For example, if John Doe, this is an example name, crosses with ease, then what’s stopping his family from crossing, or their friends, etc. This is also compounded with each and every illegal immigrant that crosses, leading to a ruined reputation for that nation’s security.

Another thing to consider is that once they invade the country they cause financial corroding from inside. This occurs when these illegal immigrants use up federal and state tax dollars on their healthcare and financial needs. One thing one must consider when this subject is brought up is that this is not happening in the hundreds, not even in the thousands, this is happening in the millions. Furthermore, this money that is being wasted could be put to much better use, for example, your healthcare or your education.

It estimated that illegal immigrants use up to $113 billion dollars per year, and contrary to popular belief, illegal immigrants don’t pay a significant amount of taxes. If they did register to pay them who would they pay them to? After all, they are not registered to the United States and they have abandoned their home country.1024px-US-border-notice.jpg

(Sign placed near the border of the United States.) (Photo from creative commons)

On another note, one must look at what illegal immigrants illegally transport over with them. Whenever its drugs, weapons, or criminal behaviors. Granted not all of them bring these over, but it can’t be said that they don’t bring them over. Apart from these things that they bring, one should also note they also bring unwanted behaviors and extremist ideas.

With all this being said, it can be seen that illegal immigrants are a major economic and political issue. So how do we as a nation prevent this? We need to band together as one whole nation and put an end to this illegal activity. A sophomore at Woodstock High School, who also wishes to remain anonymous stated, “We need to gather up and deport these illegal immigrants.”


  1. Doris M. says:

    I believe that we need better ways for people to become citizens. I don’t think that we should “gather up and deport these illegal immigrants.”, especially those who have lived here for years. They have jobs and a family, we can’t just take all that away for them. since legal immigration is so insanely difficult in a nation founded on immigrants, desperate people will be forced to rely on illegal methods. Many of these people just want a better lives for themselves and their children, and i don’t see whats wrong with that.

    • Dakota Williams says:

      We have laws for a reason, if everyone broke them with consequences then what would be the point of them? Also, if they want better lives then they can come over legally.

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