Wings Bound- Chapter 4

The whole week passed by in a blur, and before i knew it, my friends and I were all gathered around my room.
“So, Hannah, what’s the big thing you wanted to show us?” Brendan asked.
“Yeah, im excited!” Lucas agreed. I glanced over to Kaylee and Ethan. “Should we show them?” I smirked.
“Eh, I dont know.” Kaylee joked. “We might just wanna keep it a secret.”
“Dont be like that!” Bella complained jokingly. “Show us!”
“Alright, alright.” I laughed. I grabbed the hem of my big sweater and took it off, Ethan and Kaylee doing the same. And then, in unison, we spread our wings.
All our friends were in dead silence for at least a minute before Lucas spoke up. “So… You have wings now?”
Apparently.” Ethan laughed.
Instantly, Lucas, Bella, and Brendan all leapt up and began questioning us about the new additions. We held out hands out, stopping them.
“We dont know how they got there.” I said. “They just kinda… appeared.”
“Why are they all so different?” Bella asked.
“No idea. But check this out.” I said. Closing my eyes, I began to think of something that would make me feel a strong emotion. I went with when i got my first pet, a kitten named Luna several years ago. My wings exploded in to bright pink, drawing everyone’s attention.
“Well they’re a lot more vibrant now, apparently.” Kaylee commented.
“Huh. Weird.” I said, opening my eyes. “Whatever, anyways, they change color based on my mood.” I explained to the wingless friends. They all suddenly looked at each other, then back at us.
“Can you fly?” The all asked in perfect unison.
“That… was kinda creepy.” Kaylee chuckled.
“We haven’t tried flying yet.” Ethan said. “Though it might be cool.” We glanced out the window to see the sun was starting to set.
Maybe later, right now you boys gotta get home.” I said. The boys all said goodbye and walked back to their homes, which all happened to be in the same neighborhood as my house.
I walked back inside after saying goodbye and turned to the girls, Kaylee and Bella. “So,” i said. “What now?”
“Hmm… Maybe we can draw?” Kaylee suggested.
“Drawing contest!” Bella cheered. We all agreed and went in to my room for the contest. We decided to draw a photo from memory after having only one minute to look at it. The first was a pretty simple one, a tree on top of a hill, which Kaylee had most accurate. The second was a wolf howling in a forest, which I won, and finally, the moon and sky in a meteor shower, which Bella won.
“Looks like we all tied, then.” Kaylee said. “So, what now?”
“How about… some video games!” I suggested.
“Great idea! Which game?” Bella asked as we walked down the stairs to the game room.
“I’m thinking either DayZ or Skyrim.” I said.
“DayZ sounds good to me.” Kaylee said.
“Same. Lets go!” Bella agreed. Racing forward, we all got out out laptops and began playing the game.

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