Women’s Tennis Off to a Historic Start, Lax off to a Slow Start, Women’s Soccer Get First Win

Staff Writers: Ramon Elortondo and Amari McCain

Lead Story: Girl’s lacrosse has gotten off to a shaky start, but they are showing some hope for the future. Despite not winning any games, the junior varsity girls have improved nearly every single game. After having a streak of bad games, they nearly defeated Etowah in a heartbreaking 7-6 loss at the buzzer. They also scored more in that one than they did the first time they played them, not to mention they scored more in this one than they have all year. Although they didn’t leave with a W, they learned a lot from this tough loss. They started to develop more as a team and are now starting to gel. The varsity girls on the other hand, led by standout Carson Clark have also started to gel, but it has translated to a couple wins. The lacrosse program is starting to look up, and we hope for a bright future. On a side note, for the first time in school history, Woodstock has made a slow pitch softball team. Leading the team is Georgia Tech University commit Bre Roper. Taylor Elliott, a senior, plays third base. She said as of now the team has been struggling, but also quoted that she’s never had so much fun playing with a great group of girls. “We go out there and try our best but mostly we go out there and laugh and have fun, in hopes of a win.”

ICYMI: The women’s tennis team is off to the best start in school history. For the first time, they beat Etowah twice in the same season. Their only losses are to Walton and Kell High School. Those two teams are the best in the state, not to mention that Walton has won the state title every year except 2012 since 2002. This year Walton has a new line one singles player that has not lost yet. With that being said, Woodstock has won against everyone else. This month, the girls beat Cherokee twice, and Lassiter twice. One of the matches against Cherokee was our senior night. This year we are graduating a handful of players that will be missed greatly.

girl seniors tennis

Seniors playing their last region match of their high school career. Kara (left), Paige (middle), Sydney (right) from Woodstock. Photo courtesy of Woodstock tennis.

Don’t be surprised if they make a deep run in state this year. In the month of March, ladies soccer squad finally got the first win of the year 6-0, against Paulding County High School. This month, Brynne Sumner broke the school record in the 4×400 relay along with Anna Burnett, Avery Stiber, and Carson Lyberg. That team consists of three sophomores and one freshman, Avery Stiber. Sumner is the leader of the team, and the face of track and field here at Woodstock. She has all the best times. Living in Bridgemill myself, I see Brynne training every day in the scorching heat trying to improve herself  and separate herself from the rest of the pack.

Off The Field: It’s mostly training for all these athletes this time of year. As they are preparing for the big time “win of go home” scenarios, they are completely locked into their sports. This month, we did not have off the field activities.

Quotable: We caught up with head women’s tennis coach Jeff Wagner this month on how he thinks the girls have lived up to their expectations this year, or have they achieved more than what he had thought. “I’m really happy with where the team is at right now. We beat our arch rival Etowah High school twice for the first time which was just a huge step in the right direction. My expectations this year were to just make it to state again, and we’ve achieved that. Since there is no region tournament, this year we are going straight into the playoffs, we hope to do well and improve on our sweet 16 appearance that we had last year. Players at and two doubles have really stepped it up this year and are usually a consistent win that puts us at two lines won, and we just need one more.

girl seniors tennis

Both men and women’s team take a selfie before beating Cherokee. Photo courtesy of woodstock tennis.

Line one and two singles are played by two of the finest ladies I’ve ever coached, and they’re just great girls and teammates. I love our chances.”

Looking Ahead: State playoffs are up next for the tennis players. With the girls being a two seed, they should be able to make a nice deep run in the tournament. Last year they made it to the sweet 16, but this year, their team is improved and more experience. Also up next for girls sports, are the elite 8 for slow pitch softball, and state meets for track and field. Soccer unfortunately did not qualify for state.

WOTM: This month’s wolverine student is Sydney Bridge. Sydney is a senior tennis player that plays line one. “Tennis was not my first love. I was really good at softball but my parents sadly didn’t push me to stay in it, and I fell in love with tennis.” Syd will be attending piedmont college to continue playing tennis at the next level and also her academics. She’s been playing since high school she said. Her favorite part of playing is the energy and winning.

Statistic: Carson Clark leads the girl’s lacrosse team in goals, with over 15 this season. She’s on fire as of late, and is helping lead the team to a few important wins down the stretch.

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