Senior Citizen Takes on Social Media

Staff writer: Maddie Caracalas

Over the past three years, Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, better known as Baddie Winkle, has become an internet sensation. The 88-year-old has an astounding following on Instagram of 2.9 million people, who all love her for her bold and bright personality.

In 2014, Baddie received help from her great-granddaughter in uploading a photo of her wearing her granddaughter’s clothes to twitter. The picture was rewarded with a follow from Rihanna, which led to a worldwide following over the years.

The internet personality, popular for her catch phrase “Stealing your man since 1928,” has had many glamourous moments in her career. Baddie Winkle attended the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards as a guest of Miley Cyrus. She has also made an appearance on The Today Show, Australia, and on the Red Carpet for the promotion of the popular Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.baddie and miley

Baddie and Miley Cyrus
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

I asked a good friend of mine, sophomore Benja Petty, for his thoughts on the internet’s favorite grandma.

Me: How do you feel about Baddie Winkle and the way she differs from most people?

Benja: From the perspective of an actor, I must say it’s pretty cool how she can be so fearless about what she wears, despite her age. It is so hard to innovate and I can say standing out like that can give some people, male or female, confidence. Overall, I’d say I’m intrigued and fascinated. Setting yourself apart is very important, especially from an actor’s point of view.baddie winkle 2

Baddie Winkle showing off another bold outfit to followers
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Fans love how Baddie Winkle has no fear in being true to who she is, no matter who looks at her and thinks, “What on Earth is this woman doing?!” She’s always herself and the realest she can be, which can inspire other kids in our generation to be themselves without caring. Millions love Baddie Winkle worldwide for nothing besides the fact that she can be herself, she’s a hilarious inspiration to everyone.

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