A Trip to Remember

Courtesy of Staff Writer: Lola Canales

There are many field trips throughout the school year, but one for the books is the trip to Europe. Which is mainly taken by kids in the Latin club, but is open to all kids and grade levels. The group visited many places, but the most memorable ones were Venice, Florence, and Rome. The group consisted of 23 students, 7 parents, and 5 teacher chaperons. The teachers were Mrs. Mason, Mr. Sinclare and Mrs. Sinclare, Mrs. Logan, and Mrs. Grantham.

Mrs. Mason, the Latin teacher at Woodstock High said, “The main purpose of the trip was to expose our students to new things, such as international travel, different cultures, and see some of the sights we studied and talked about in class.” The group visited so many unique and interesting sights around Europe during their trip. The major sights the group visited during the trip was the Coliseum, The Sistine Chapel, major canals in Venice, Italy, also the Roman Forum, and the Vatican.


The Sistine Chapel.


The Coliseum.


Canals in Venice.



The Roman Forum


The Vatican.

The group also had a pretty comfortable stay during the trip. They stayed in several different hotels for 2 nights each time. Just a few were the Colombo in Venice, and the Villa La Stella in Florence.


Hotel Colombo in Venice.


Villa La Stella in Florence.

In preparation for the trip, everyone was let know about the trip about 12 months in advance, to plan. It costs fully about 3,000 for students to attend and 3,300 for parents to go. So whoever wanted to go had to pay around 200 dollars a month for about a year. Also, throughout the year the people who wanted to go on the trip got together for only four meetings. They discussed necessary preparations and precautions to take before embarking on the trip. They discussed how to avoid being pickpocketed, since that is a big thing in Europe, they also discussed medical information, food allergies, and emergency contact information.

This trip was easily one for the books. Everyone that went had an amazing time and it’s defiantly something to remember. So many beautiful places from Italy, to Rome. Woodstock High looks forward to more trips as special as this one in the future!


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