Incarcerated in ISS

Okay so, I am often late to my 1st Period class, not because I sleep in but more so due to factors mostly out of my control, like having to circumnavigate the school to get to middle school trailers.


Anyway, that is beside the point. I am currently writing this from ISS. A fellow prisoner went on record to state, “Yeah it’s dumb how they make us miss class time for missing class time.”

It’s understandable that I must be punished for my wanton disregard for the time I must be at school at and I could stand trial for truancy but me being held as a political prisoner for a 21 hour sentence furthers no one’s agenda. After the second day of ISS I got relatively into the swing of things, “the swing of things” being which supervisor is nice and which ones aren’t and the ingenious methods for passing the time after doing all your work, for example, reading literally every Wikipedia article even remotely correlated to the Odyssey and learning everything there is to know about Japanese aircraft.

Another thing worth noting about my stay in imprisonment is the fact that I was given no trial, truly a tragic series of events. I am a free man as of 3:15PM, April 12. After spending such an extended stay in isolation, the rest of my high school career will come at me with a different filter. I now know exactly how Maya Angelou felt when she wrote, “Caged Bird.” Obviously this is just me exaggerating, it’s no big deal, and basically I just need to get school on time. However, getting to school on time is much easier said than done, my car and the school are on nearly opposite hemispheres so the walk to the school alone is always nearly 12 minutes. That means I need to wake up before 8, which I will passively protest.

iss 2

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