Is the MVP award truly given to the most valuable in the NBA? New award For best player?

Staff Writer: Shane Zachos

MVP, the most valuable player award. The award with the largest honor behind it but has this award changed its meaning over the past decade. Let’s be honest the MVP race this year has been decent with the explosive Russell Westbrook and the smooth James Harden however are these two guys the most valuable in the league. Think about it Westbrook has one of the impressive seasons ever but is he the most valuable asset in the entire league? Arguably Russell is the best player of the year with averaging a triple double. One of the two players in NBA history to do so (Oscar Robertson). He is the only true star on his team, considering the fact that he leads the team in many categories including points, assists, and rebounds. It is possible that you could say Victor Oladipo is a star but he is very inconsistent and has suffered injuries throughout his whole young career. But through all out these amazing stats and how much he carries the team I don’t believe he is the most valuable player.

Think of it like this, if you were to put Russell Westbrook on any sub-par team are they title contenders? The answer is no, unless of course he just finds great team chemistry but honestly that is rare to find. However if you were to put LeBron James on any decent squad in the NBA, instant title contenders. I can say with ease that the king is the most valuable player in the league for the past 5 years. LeBron is one of the most dominant players we have ever seen in the history of the league and he simply makes the players around him better. However with Westbrook does he truly make his players around him better? Let me just state this… Russell does not have much help on his team but he has not made anyone on that squad better this year with maybe the exception of Steven Adams. Why is this? Because Russell takes the most shots on the team which makes sense but he has also missed the most shots in the NBA. Some may still think Russell is the most valuable player in the league… for example Sophomore Drew Ramsey said “he averages a triple double and he carries his team”. Whatever you think let me ask you this, if you were to put James on the Thunder and take Westbrook out of the equation where does OKC stand?

Shane Westbrook Westbrook looks to score against his opponent J.R. Smith Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons 


Shane James  LeBron James hustling down the court to see if he can get a quick bucket. Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons  

Now how would the NBA resolve this issue with who is truly the most valuable player… only by either making a new award for best player of the year or entirely get rid of the MVP award. When I asked Freshmen, Camden Vaughn which of the two he would rather have he said “the new award and keep the MVP award because of how much history it has behind it”. Having the best player of the year award available would not only make this issue go away with the confusion but it would also allow for more variety in the players to win the award. But some people could think that the MVP is too one sided for some players and may want it to be gone forever.


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