My Top Struggle of Saving Money (For Me)

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries


I am the type of girl where if you ask me to hang out with you at the mall, it is a defiantly yes. I love shopping! I am a total girlie girl when it comes to shopping. I could spend all day at multiple malls (I have never been to multiple malls in one day) and possibly, a very slight chance, not get bored.

I love shopping, just not the spending money part. I work my butt off and only get paid $8.25 an hour. Although it is not much hourly pay, I do work a ton of hours and make up for that there. After getting a paycheck, I realize every single time, I need to treat myself with some shopping. I need to have a girl’s day where I can go out with friends or my mom and shop until I drop… and then go get my names done at the nail salon right up the road from my house.

Yes, I spend a lot of money on myself because I believe if I can earn it, I can spend it. My mother has always told me “You can spend what you make, just don’t go completely broke.”

I took what she said and only spend $150 on myself every paycheck that way I still have some of my paycheck in my account. I think it is a very solid plan.

Now there was one time I got very mad at myself because I spent an entire paycheck on myself. I was having a bad day, don’t judge me. Everyone has bad days and everyone knows how to fix their days, mine is shopping. Yes, I know it is a bad thing, but shopping makes me feel better.

Coach Wallace, my literature teacher from junior year, laughs at me because I spent a nice amount of money on a hoodie I wanted. In my mind, it was going towards a good cause, saving the elephants! I love elephants, they donate, I believe, half of their earnings to saving the elephants. It is so cute! (I highly recommend you looking them up, Ivory Ella.)

He says he would never spend the amount I spent on the hoodie.

Moving on, I have a group I can go shopping with whenever because we all love shopping!

There are times when I drag my older brother along to go shopping with me because he can be fun to shop with at times too! One time I brought him along, we were in Papaya, and I looked up from looking at clothes and I see him holding up a pineapple crop top to himself. He asked me if the top would look good on him and if he should buy it. All I could do is laugh and agree with him that he should defiantly get the top. He acts like such a girl when he goes shopping with me, he defiantly makes the time fun.

Don’t ask if I will share my brother as a shopping partner, because I will not allow it. No.

Every girl likes shopping and if you don’t, then I don’t know what your hobbies are, probably staying at home and playing video games with no friends. Don’t worry, I will not judge you because I sometimes do that too. (I am laughing right now, I crack myself up.)

Any who, I love shopping, that is where most of my paychecks go. I would defiantly use what my mother said as a lesson, because before she said this to me, I walked into Chick- Fil- A and wanted some fries and a milkshake… I was broke. So! Don’t spend all of your money on just shopping, spend it on some food too! Peace out.


My oldest brother and I shopping in Florida while I was supposed to be on the beach.


My brother, younger sister, and I (like 4 year ago) shopping at the mall while waiting for my dad to come to the mall with us.

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