Rachel the Angel

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott


Rachel is a very sweet, caring, and selfless person. She is nice to everyone and makes everyone feel good about themselves. Her presence makes everyone happy because of her bright personality. She has started shadowing a physical therapist, and is a helper for a 1st grade class at Sixes Elementary. We interviewed our Senior of the Month to get more on Rachel…


Rachel and her bestfriend Ashley about to tour University of North Georgia. (Taken by: Lexi Solorzano)

Taylor: How did you get chosen to read to the Sixes Elementary kids in the mornings?

Rachel: I have been in the Early Childhood Education class for a while now, and being a senior they choose a handful of us to go. It really is an honor to be chosen, reading to the kids makes you feel so good. Seeing the kids get so happy when they see us, just makes my day. I really love getting to know them, and building relationships with them.


T: Do you think you will follow your love for children in a future career?

R: Well actually, I have decided that I want to be a first grade teacher. The kids that I read to are in the 1st grade, and I occasionally get to teach the class, it has really showed me how much fun it is and how much I enjoy it.

Lexi: We were told that you shadow a Physical Therapist, how is that going?

Rachel: Yes I am, it is a great opportunity and I am so lucky to be able to do it. I started shadowing the physical therapist for my senior project, but it really showed me that I do not want to do this in my future.


Rachel with the Physical Therapist she shadows. (Picture from Rachel)

We asked a couple seniors about what they think about Rachel…


How long have you been friends with Rachel? And how have yall become best friends?

Ashley Stephens(senior): Rachel and I have been best friends since fifth grade. When she moved away in middle school, we kept in touch even though she was miles and miles away. Her and I do everything together, we have the same humor, and personality and we just get along very well.

Taylor: How would you describe Rachel with one word?

Cara Bacon: Spontaneous. The amount of things she has done for me is countless. She has always been a friend to me when I needed someone to talk to. Not only does she help her friends, she helps her teachers, family, and anyone that needs it. I cant wait to see what she does in the future, because I know she’ll do great things

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