Senior “Finsta’s”

Senior “finsta’s”

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton


Everybody around the United States has heard of the social media called “Instagram”. This year they added a feature where you can put a different account on the app, so you can have more than one profile or “insta page”. Lately, teenagers have been making a page called their “finsta”. It is a profile that is private and you can only follow a person if they accept your request.

The reason for finsta’s is to have only your friends follow you and you can post whatever you want without anybody seeing it. This is  also a good way to cause drama and can show the other side of people.

There are also people that kids would called “finsta snakes”. These are people that will screenshot certain post and send it to either the person it’s about or will just send it in a group message. So, that is the reason why you have to be careful of who you accept to follow your finsta.

Since it has been getting so popular parents have been curious about it and have been trying to see what their kids and other kids have been putting on there. “Kids deserve to have their own social media where their parents can’t see everything they’re doing.” Said Kyle Long.

Some teenagers disagree with finsta and think it is the stupidest thing ever. They think that all it does it cause drama and keep secrets from close friends. “I have seen many friendships ruined just because of ONE finsta post.” Said Arin Breitbart.

Also, girls can use finsta as giving advice about boys, outfits, or certain drama. Many posts from girls are many outfits and ask the other girls that follow them to comment which outfit they should wear. If it’s about a boy then they will usually write a long post about them and ask for options on what they should do.

All in all finsta can be terrible, but it can also help you make friends and pick out cute outfits. mak.png

Makayla Powells “finsta”



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