Wolverines Walk Around The World!

Senior Writer: Makayla Powell

Sprang Break 2k17 was lit this year as a small group of us Wolverines traveled across the globe to visit London, Paris, and Barcelona. Our group consisted of all seniors including teachers Joshua Sailors and Lana DiAngelis, which made the trip way better than if we had some loser underclassman with us. Although every day consisted of tireless walking and touring around these historical cities and falling asleep on the trains back to the hotel, anyone who went on the trip can agree that the exhaustion was well worth it.


Mr. Sailors took a picture of our whole group in Trafalgar Square

The trip began with an 8 hour non-stop overnight flight from Atlanta to London. For me, this was a pretty rough part of the trip because sleeping on planes is just horrendous and from there it began the downward spiral of exhaustion and lack of sleep that plagued everyone throughout the trip. As soon as we arrived it was go, go, go, touring around London and learning all about its rich history and cultural diversity. Senior Bella Manuel said “London was my favorite city just because it was so varied. Around every corner I heard a different language or saw a different ethnic restaurant. Despite the lack of sleep, I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of London.” We stayed in London for three days until traveling on the ‘chunnel’ (train tunnel under the English Channel) to Paris.


Picture Credit: Meghan Murphy

We spent 2 days in Paris, feeling much more refreshed after a nap on the train and were go, go, go, as soon as we got there as well. When asked what she thought about Paris, Senior Maddie Olejnik said, “Paris was stunning, the whole city is just so aesthetically pleasing. The hardest part was really the language barrier, even though practically everyone speaks English, you do run into some people that either don’t or just don’t want to help you.” To me, Paris was more enjoyable than London simply because of how beautiful the city, despite the few rude Parisians. And of course, it’s hard to hate Paris when youre able to see the iconic image of the Eiffel Tower wherever you turn. Although I must say, while it is quite stunning from far away, its even more stunning when you get a heart attack trying to climb up the stairs to the top.


Picture Credit: Meghan Murphy

Last but not least, we traveled to Barcelona. I’d have to say that out of all the cities, this one was my personal favorite. Though we were only there for a day and a half, the city was full of life and everyone that went on the trip can attest to the fact that everyone felt more laid back and easy going while in Barcelona. Senior Meghan Murphy said, “Barcelona was just vibrant, in a word. The whole city was buzzing with life constantly but in a hassle-free kind of way. Everyone’s stress felt lessened and we were able to just relax and take in everything.” Barcelona has a rich history of Catholicism, architecture, and art that captivated everyone.


Picture Credit: Meghan Murphy

Traveling is exhausting to say the least, but after you have experienced a culture and world completely different than your own, it’s hard to get rid of that little bug that makes you want to experience more than just the small suburban town of Woodstock, Georgia.


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