The Greatest Impact in our Lives

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

We as students are often told how we are the future of humanity. While this is true, that we are the next generation who will bring great accomplishments to this world, it makes a great deal who gets us here. Along with our parents, there are a group of important people to guide such influential teenagers like us in the direction of success—teachers. Everyone has been a student, and we’ve all had that one teacher who has imprinted wisdom and direction into our lives, but what made them stand out among the number of other teachers we have had throughout our academic career? At Woodstock, the staff has been prominent in establishing confidence in the student body for when their future comes, and they are ready with someone to trust and fall back on.
As future members of the community, teacher must ask themselves the type of person who young people need in their life and attitudes they would respond to better to. As much as adults hate to come to terms with, times have changed. The 21st century is now, trends and technology are different, so many students admit that when teachers find ways to incorporate phones and computers to try and get us involved in the class. Another thing students agree upon is when teachers realize that their class is not the only class you have, especially AP and honors. “As AP and honor class students, we are supposed to be able to manage a heavier work load, but sometimes it becomes too much for us to handle.” Says Kayla Mann (sophomore) who is in all AP and Honors classes. It is very impactful when administrators realize that apart from school, students are adolescence and should be able to enjoy their young life while they can.
“Teachers are there for our education, so if I’m approaching one for help, I should be able to get that help, yet I find myself scared sometimes to ask some teachers for tutoring because they get angry when I ask questions and make me feel dumb.” Explains Shira Wildschut, also a sophomore. Teachers that empathize with how difficult taking a class can be, especially if it’s your weakest subject and one that you don’t enjoy. Personally, I’ve had an experience where when I went in to a teacher’s class to ask for help, she told me to go because she explained it yesterday. It wasn’t that I wasn’t paying attention, I just didn’t understand. Those who help kindly and explain thoroughly are more approachable, and maybe not even just for that particular subject, but other problems in a student’s life as well.

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