Track and field Student- Shamya Verces

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker



This weeks student of the months a track and Field student. Her name is shamya verces. She gives us the inside scoop on how she got involved in track,who her biggest supporters are, and she even tells us who her favorite coach is this season!

Shamya said her friend got her involved in track. “ i do not really enjoy trying new things such as sports but i am glad i tried Track and Field” she explained. Besides her family her biggest supporters are her team mates.” They cheer me on when it is my turn to compete, they congratulate me and give me high fives when i step off the track. They never judge when i do not win, they jus say “ we couldn’t be prouder of you, Great Job!”  I could not have asked for a better team!

Shamya is planning to be on the Track and Filed team next year. She wants to go up in running  and hopes be on a higher level team next year. when she goes off to college she does not know if she wants to be on the college’s Track and Field team. If she is not on a college team in the future , she does want to continue her training to continue progressing as a runner.

When it come to all the Track and Field coaches she mentioned they were all very helpful and supportive of her during meets and practices, but the one she loves the most is definitely Coach. Wake. He is awesome and always supportive, he gives me great advice before going on the track to compete and calms my nerves every time I am nervous. Every time i walk off the track is always gives me a high five, he is also proud of what I do and how I have progressed as a Woodstock High School runner and that is the reason I love him so much!

Shamya is clearly dedicated to Track and Field since she does want to continue her training to be a good representative runner for Woodstock High School. She is actually a very good friend of mine and i know she is a hard worker and always go for what she wants. She is someone we should all definitely look up to as a student and a person.IMG_0854

Shamya headed out to Track and Field practice

Picture credits:Brooke Schoonmaker


Shamya headed into the locker rom to get changed for a meet

Picture Credits: Brooke Schoonmaker

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