Guarding Their Winning Streak

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

Last month, our school color guard team won top three in their class and were able to move up to finals. Just months before that, they had their first performance and placed 9th out of 10 with only 40 points! Ever since then, they have worked diligently for each performance after that. Their last competition was SAPA championships in Chattanooga, and they placed 3rd out of 15 groups with 84 points. That is a whole 44 points difference!

Their run seemed perfect. There were no drops, and everyone gave it their all. They perfected their run in only three practices within the time period on their last performance, at WGI Regionals, and the one at SAPA. Katie Torkkola, one of the junior varsity members, stated how, “This was the best run of the season. Each performance just keeps getting better and better!”

After this performance, they had to practice for their show at the middle school next door. They performed for the rising eighth graders to give them an idea of what color guard really is. All things went well with the junior varsity’s performance, but the varsity had to restart their performance due to their music suddenly stopping. After getting everything sorted out, they restarted and went throughout their show with their heads up and with confidence.

Melissa Ledezma, a freshman, stated that, “When I saw them perform for us last year, me and my friend really wanted to join. It looked like a fun and interesting sport to get into. The flags made the performance beautiful, and the tosses of the rifles and sabers made it look so professional. Sadly I didn’t get to join, but a lot of my friends did and always talk about it.”

The amount of improvement that the color guard has shown is astonishing. As they brought up their score, they also brought up their spirits. They became more proud of themselves and one another. Their hard work every week was very rewarding. Most of the junior varsity are freshman, meaning that this is their first time doing color guard. The fact that they just started, and are already placing third in competitions is incredible.

The varsity also has worked very hard and has done very well this season. Most of the junior varsity students admire them and are sad to see the seniors leave them. They helped the junior varsity to get this far while also doing very well on their own performances.

If you want to watch the junior varsity at SAPA, then you can copy the link below.


Junior Varsity “Pretty Hurts” Performance

Photo Courtesy of: Ella Elbeck

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