The Fight for Freedom

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

This recent “Pro-Trump” rally ambush that occurred in the county of Berkeley has led to national interest for several reasons. One of the more predominant ones being the fact that this rally was “Pro-Trump” and not one against him, leading to the retaliation of several “Anti-Trump” protesters who seek to put a stop to this rally.


(Photo of Berkeley protest) (Photo from creative commons)

So what happen? To paraphrase endless paragraphs describing this event, at first the ‘Pro-Trump” followers were having a semi peaceful rally with only slight annoyance from bystanders, on account of this happening in an area that is majority “Anti-Trump”. Then, all of a sudden, almost like out of the woodwork, Antifa, which is an anti-fascism group, in a state of complete irony, attempt to silence the “Pro-Trump” supporters. Which, without a doubt, led to a surge of violence within the streets that they walked about, leading to many being pepper sprayed from both sides, and blood being shed.

From the other side of the coin though, it can be said that the protesters had a right to protest, and, from an extent, I can see why they would not like a different opinion in their town. The same ties can be made to when segregation was being abolished during the 1960’s. A Woodstock High School a senior who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “This seems like a revolt against different opinions.” s.jpg

(Photo of Berkeley protests) (Photo from creative commons.)

It’s this difference of opinion that sparked this revolt against the “Pro-Trump” groups. But in the midst of confusion and chaos a national “Hero” emerged. Who is this “Hero” you’re asking? Well, he goes by many names; Patriot, Stickman, The Alt-Knight. But you know what all these names have in common? They all represent American traditions.

In an attempt to save his fellow “Pro-Trump” comrades The Alt-Knight came prepared with stick, shield and armor. On the other side of this coin though, the Antifa were also being attacked by the “Pro-Trump” supporters.

At the end of the day though, with appropriate response from the police force, the protest was put to an end and, for the time being, peace was kept throughout the city. A Woodstock High School sophomore who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “I’m glad it ended peacefully.”


  1. im sorry the “alt-knight” is just a stupid name

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