The Girl with the Most Cake: The Life and Legacy of Courtney Love

The Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

   Courtney Michelle Harrison, also known by her stage name Courtney Love, born on July, 9, 1964, is an American singer, actress, writer and visual artist. Brought up in the punk and grunge scenes during the 1990s, Courtney has had a career that has lasted through about four decades now. Although she is a very controversial person in the media, her music and acting career was the epitome of the good old days we like to call the 90s. “Although she is insane, the woman can sing! I’ve always loved her music and role in Hole.”- Betty Anderson, Grandmother and lover of anything grunge.


Courtney on stage giving her audience a show to remember.


Born in San Francisco, California, Love lived in the Haight-Ashbury district until the late 1960s, when her parents unfortunately divorced. After that, her mother had full custody as her mother had alleged that her father had fed her LSD as a toddler. From then on, she and her mother moved to a rural town in Marcola, Oregon. Later, she was legally adopted by her stepfather Frank Rodriguez. Courtney attended a Montessori school in Eugene where she struggled academically, at age 9, a psychologist she had been going to noticed she was showing signs of autism.

In later years, Love began her music career as well as an acting career. She has been in many bands, along with movies and TV shows throughout her time. Although, she is most famous for her career in the famous alternative rock band Hole. Her role as the lead vocalist and guitarist was the starting point of her worldwide fame and stardom. She was in many big-name movies including The People vs. Larry Flynt (for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture), Sid and Nancy and Straight to Hell.

In 1988, Courtney had taught herself how to play guitar and moved to Los Angeles where she had put up an ad in a local music sign stating: “I want to start a band, my influences are Big Black, Sonic Youth and Fleetwood Mac.” A few weeks later, she had recruited guitarist Eric Erlandson; Lisa Roberts as the bassist; and drummer Caroline Rue. Together, they would soon be known as Hole. “I honestly think Courtney is a great artist and should be recognized as such!”- Tammy Freiberger.


Love playing guitar that she had taught herself in ’88.



In 1992, Courtney Love married lead singer of the famous grunge band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. They’re marriage is one of the most noted and well known relationships in the world, due to the outlandish drug usage, scandals, as well as the unfortunate suicide of Cobain. There are many controversies that have been going around for years stating that Love had something malicious to do with Kurt’s horrible death; however, no cases have ever been filed and no charges have ever been placed on the singer concerning this rumor. “I don’t know, maybe she did kill Kurt Cobain. In my opinion, I don’t think the woman is smart enough to get away with it.”- Martin Freiberger.


Hole performing on stage while Courtney dances in lingerie.


   Courtney Love, as we all know too well, is known to be one of the craziest artist in the business, with all of her heroin scandals, controversies around her husband’s death, and everything else under the sun. However, she at least has made an impact in a few areas such as being an influence on many female-fronted alternative acts and performers. She also was a big influencer in feminism as it is said that Hole was one of the firsts alternative rock groups that ever talked about such issues. Yes, she may be insane, but the woman has made her mark on the world. “I don’t care for her very much, but I have to say, she has done a lot for women in music. She was the first to bring up the idea that it was okay to show off your feminine side as well as cause anarchy on stage.”- Jessica Reid, freshman at Woodstock High School and lover of all things rock and roll.

*All Photos from Creative Commons**

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