U.S.A and North Korean Tensions Spike Up Drastically as Year Progresses

Staff Writer: Heather Abler

It is truly scary how much conflict the U.S. is getting into against North Korea recently. A Korean-American man has been reported to have been arrested in an airport at Pyongyang last Friday. He taught at a university set up by another Korean-American Christian man. The man’s name is Tony Kim, and he marks the third American man to be detained in North Korea. United States officials have made a statement saying they are running out of “strategic patience” with the communist country, and that they shouldn’t test our “strength and resolve.” Nicholas Burns, who used to be a U.S. undersecretary of the state said, “The North Koreans have a history of taking American citizens hostage, detaining them illegally and without any rationale. They obviously do this in order to up the ante on the United States and perhaps have something to negotiate with the United States.”


North Korean Leader, Kim Jung Un. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell.

Another topic that has our nation talking, is missiles. North Korea has supposedly been testing long range missiles to use against the United States. Luckily, the test failed almost as soon as it was started, so maybe we don’t have anything to worry about anytime soon. However, last Saturday North Korea did threaten to have an all-out “nuclear war” with the United States. The question is: how will we have a war when the enemy can’t even hit us?

Many people are also fearing how our president will handle these issues, a lot claiming he will get us so involved with North Korea that soon enough we’ll get into World War III. However, there are also tons of people confident in President Trump, and believe he will handle these threats seriously and lead America in the right direction.


Map Showing Border Line and Tunnels Separating North and South Korea. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell.

If worse does come to worse, it’s horrifying to think about the great loss of lives the United States could suffer, and how our lives would be affected locally. We might have to even start practicing bomb drills, similar to what life was like during World War II. Living in such a high tech society certainly does have its advantages and downfalls, one being with how advanced weaponry has got recently. Hopefully, we won’t have to sweat North Korea, or any other nation threatening the lives of the American people, anytime soon.

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